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Alfawise T9 TV Box - RK3328 Android8.1 4GB RAM+32GB ROM 2.4G WIFI 100Mbps USB3.0 support 4K

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    Originally posted by Vicky_singh86 View Post
    Hello dear can i install 64gb firmware on 32gb.because i found V9 for 64 gb internel storage.if anyone know pls tell me.thnx
    Not recommended but you can try, if it doesn't work, you can find the correct one and reflash.


      hi, I think to have a similar product called Sofobod T9, with firmware 20181213. I do not find the link :-( but a user who bought it, he has flashed a firmware of another product to have notification and navigatior bar... general question, I have even a T95z Max but why in these tv boxes the google play store is blocked and can not be updated? if you download google play store from apk mirror, you have always the error "app not installed". you have to rename the file, put it into google play store folder in system privateapp and reboot the box... every time... any solution?
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        Because you need to update all 30+ Google apps in the firmware to work well together.
        Updating one, while the others are old, will give all sorts of problems.

      Originally posted by dudule22 View Post

      You have a link to download the V8 firmware release for the T9 box 4 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage (Wifi 2.4 and 5 Ghz). The download is avalaible 12 days.

      The software to update the firmware.

      The box works better with this upgrade and you can also download the V9 release directly by using the update online.


      Would you be so kind to post links to those files once more, for the T9 Box 4 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage?



        I have a T9 (RK3328) TV stick, it got bricked. I searched the internet and tried many methods to recover it, but failed, please help if you know a better solution.

        I used RKBatchTool to restore it, and got a blue square, but after I click "restore" button, it failed at "Prepare idb fail"

        I also tried RK Android Tool, my stick is loaded as "Found one MASKROM Device". I played around the tool, but every time it failed at the same reason "Prepare idb fail ".

        I have no ideas, anyone please help!


          What version of the android tool are you using? I found for my board i could only get 2.56 to work, any other version i wouold get an error.

          Also i found that formatting the emmc worked best, you have to click the center tab then load the firmware before it will allow you to "erase flash" emmc then you can start the reflash fresh

          mine goes threw a series of beeps, it will beep one tone when it connects then beep another tone when it disconnects and it does this on both the erase flash and then the reflash.

          What DDR type does your use? DDR3 or DDR4?



            Hell everybody.
            may i have a help for my Android tv box (T9 4gb 64gb rk3328 Android)
            I wanna Unbrick it but i dont know ... where is ... bridge 2 pins on the motherboard..
            I have uploaded images for the motherboard
            thank everyone for the support