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Openmediavault with Plex running on MVR9

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    Openmediavault with Plex running on MVR9

    Well.. Libreelec and Android are still in heavy development for this device.
    I own some other devices running simply a bit better atm.

    On the other hand I still use a very old Qnap nas for one harddisk and a very very old Buffalo disk station.
    The Qnap reaches about 12 MB/sec write speed and the Buffalo is slower...

    some days ago I saw a Report in the web about OpenMediaVault running on a Libre Computer Board ROC-Rk3328-CC.
    I compared the Specs and decided to give it a try.

    go to this side : https://sourceforge.net/projects/ope...d%20Computers/

    Download the Image OMV_4_Renegade.img.xz

    Write the Image to a SD Card with eg. winscp. Insert Sc Card in your MVR9 and power up.
    Take a Look in your router which Ip the device will get.
    Configre OMV in the web Interface Login admin Passwort openmediavault

    My MVR9 OMV NAS has now about 30MB /sec writespeed. Nice. And enough for a Plex Server as addon.

    I know thats far away from Nas Systems with more than 100 MB/sec Write speed - but my MVR9 can handle 4 jobs now.

    Android with a Custom ROM from Mo123
    Linux from Balbes150
    Libreelec - Version from Mo123
    and OMV

    Nice. Have fun folks.