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[Step by step Tutorial] Recover a bricked H96 Max+

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    [Step by step Tutorial] Recover a bricked H96 Max+

    This tutorial is valid for H96 Max+ 32 Gb/64 Gb versions

    What you need:
    Usb male to male cable
    Rockchip Driver Assistant v4.5:!FpQj3IbJ!C9tRZ4Afl...QfKHbVKhrQpG9M
    Factory Tool v1.64:!sxAR0SYL!EE_Sl9tCX...ITazHJVgJaIk0I
    Android 9.0 ROM:!Ng4EBYpD!61abR0JUH...N8SVwi5rI49pkA

    Must Read Announcement:

    In my experience i've noticed that the ROM you need to download must be the same or higher version than the ROM version you currently have on H96 Max+.
    I'm not sure this is true for you too, but it won't hurt.

    If the flash fails, probably the ROM you downloaded is not right. You must update/restore following the chronological date order written on the bottom of the ROM title.

    Simple example: 1.2 ROM, 1.3 ROM , 1.4 ROM f, if in your device is installed the 1.2 ROM , the updating/restoring process using the 1.4 ROM file will be impossible if you have not before installed the 1.3 ROM.

    I put version 9 of Android because it is the last, but you have to based on what I just wrote.

    H96 Max+ ROMs!B8gBhAKD!bZHKBR5FhfIAc93zd0aE6Q (I don't know the author of these files).

    Let's start

    Extract all the downloaded resources. For extract drag and drop where you want the file or folder contained in the zip archive.
    (also on your Desktop would be fine)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1.JPG Views:	0 Size:	105.4 KB ID:	788005

    Open Rockchip Driver assistant folder and run DriverInstall.exe ---> Press Install Driver ---> Wait for the notification and press OK.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	112.0 KB ID:	788006

    Open Factory Tool Folder and run FactoryTool.exe ---> click on "Firmware" [1]
    Choise the downloaded Android 9 ROM [2] (is in .img format)
    Click on the restore voice [3] ---> Click Run [4].

    Click image for larger version  Name:	3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	86.6 KB ID:	788007

    Now is the time to connect your bricked device to your pc. You musn't use the alimentation cable, but only the male to male usb cable.

    Insert the usb male to male cable in your pc, not in H96 Max+ for now. [1]

    Press the hidden button located in the av entrance of H96 Max+ with a toothpick [2]. (be careful)

    Connect the usb male to male cable in the H96 Max+while keeping the hidden button pressed [3]. (not in blue usb port)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	4.jpg Views:	0 Size:	93.5 KB ID:	788008

    Factory Tool will detect the H96 Max+, remove the toothpick from the hidden button. The restore process will begin automatically.

    Wait for the green notification in Factory Tool, remove the usb cable from H96 Max+ and enjoy your working device!

    ---I'm not a real expert, so if any user has any corrections to suggest I will be happy to add it.---
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    I have used the step by step procedure and after success the same red light is still ON.
    what to do now. Please guide me


      How did you brick your device, which rom did you use, do you have the 32gb or 64gb version? How many gb of ram does it have?

      do you have received the green light from Factory tool?
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        Thanks for reply
        its h96max+ 4gb/64gb version, it was using oreo 9.0. I powered it off and it didn't powdered up again when i used to powerup after 4hours. Just redlight is there.
        i have installed .img file successfully but still on the red light.


          i have received green light from factory tool with success but still its on the red light


            Hello, your problem is strange but I think it is solvable, try to look here: is not espacially for h96max+ but i think the process is similiar.


            I think your emmc is empty or corrupt, I repeat I am not an expert user, I wait for the opinion of someone really expert or try a restore of the eMMC at your risk.

            I know there are two recover mode for this device MASKROM and LOADER, i think you need MASKROM mode.


              here is the complete video from which I extrapolated the screenshots (video not mine)

              There is also a 4 + 32/64 firmware, try to use this.


                try also this:
      !B8gBhAKD!bZHKBR5F...0aE6Q?RwonWAAa ----> RK3328_DC_H96_MAX+_noaddon_SSV6051_RTL8189_8.1.0_2 0181215.1524.7z

                is a rom for 64 gb version with another wifi chip


                  I am in maskrom mode and it shows no errors in factory tools. I have tried most of the roms and got success in factory tools software but its having the same red light problem
                  on sk batchtools it shows error on the same roms which have shown success in factory tools.
                  sk batchtools stops by showing loader fails message for every rom.
                  i am totally confused what to do now.


                    try to use android tools in maskrom mode, erase flash , then upgrade.


                      have done that but no luck


                        Atlast firmware installed successfully but my device is still in maskrom mode.
                        i simply connect my device with computer open android tool it shows maskrom mode without pressing button and also it is on the red light no display or blue light. Please guide


                          Please tell me the guide to get out from maskrom mode


                            What it describes Digit97 is normal firmware installation,
                            this is not repair bricked box.
                            If the nand chip is not damaged, you should normally install the firmware according to this video:


                              P.S. And of course you have to wait after downloading the firmware and plugging the box!
                              There will be a red light for a while. Then the blue light comes on. You have to wait!