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A5X Max Audio Out Only 1 channel...

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    A5X Max Audio Out Only 1 channel...

    Hi, I just got an A5X Max player to hook up to my old B&O Beovision7 TV which has DVI but no HDMI input. I get the picture fine using an HDMI to DVI cable but I only get one the two audio channels when using the device's headphone jack audio output, even though I know for sure that Both the left and right RCA audio inputs to the TV, internal amp, speakers are working fine (tried with my phone and with a Roku box - sounds great.)

    But...When I plug some headphones into the A5X max, I get both left and right channels (albeit a little bit quieter than I would expect.)

    One thing I've spotted is that the headphone's jack has 4 poles and the two different 'headphone to RCA' cables I've tried have only 3 (ground, Left, Right.) So my question is: is my device faulty, or does the A5X Max have a socket that only works with a 4-pole headphone plug?

    Other options?... what about a USB DAC - can anyone recommend one that works well, sounds good? Or what about a nice hifi grade standalone DAC, using the SPDIF output - what sort of SPDIF port is that one the device - I don't recognise it.

    I can't find any specs on any of this stuff! Does this device have a website or anything?


    Your Device is not faulty, they use a 4 pin RCA Jack cause you can get also a Video Signal out of the Headphone Jack.
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    All you have to do is to Buy that Cable from Amazon and hook it to your TV.



      Thanks - that works!