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RK3328 Firmware Center RTL8723 , AP6255 , SV6051 , IT6334 AND MORE (Stock-ROMs , Custom-ROMs by Silver)

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    Originally posted by Silver View Post

    ou can try to backup the boot kernel and resource iMG of stock rom and try to boot my rom with it.
    Omg my box has code same you rk3328 but cant intall fw atv 3328 ...
    You brack heart seak chip rk3318
    omg thank your picture
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      Originally posted by hrrom View Post
      this is my box. Based on MINI RK3328_D4 rev.2.0 board with ap6255 wifi.
      Try different androidtool version, wait for flash complete unplug everything (also hdmi) and connect power after that wait 10mins and connect hdmi.


        Originally posted by phankhanh86 View Post
        Omg my box has code same you rk3328 but cant intall fw atv 3328 ...
        You brack heart seak chip rk3318
        omg thank your picture
        Fake box, says "rk3328 on label but chip is "rk3318" so no work.


          If someone is able to revive his box with one of the ROMS let me know so i can add your box to the list make sure to say what cpu and wifichip your box has.


            Originally posted by Silver View Post
            If someone is able to revive his box with one of the ROMS let me know so i can add your box to the list make sure to say what cpu and wifichip your box has.
            Update this rom with latest features or andriod version, i install andriod 9 on my Piano v88 and box working very smoothly,


              Dear Atif,

              which Android 9 ROM have you installed on your Piano V88 ?


                Originally posted by traversone View Post
                Dear Atif,

                which Android 9 ROM have you installed on your Piano V88 ?
                Minixfreak andriod 9


                  Originally posted by Atif Munir View Post

                  Minixfreak andriod 9
                  thank you Atif. Any working link to such ROM?


                    Originally posted by traversone View Post

                    thank you Atif. Any working link to such ROM?


                      i'm interest with android tv firmware 7.1 but my device is a5x max + with wifi driver it6334. so wifi not working.


                        Just installed Android TV rom in SCISHION V88 piano black, works good but Android TV version of Netflix does not work, even after updating or uninstall and reinstalling the google play version.

                        Any help?

                        The android TV version (version 6) used to work with stock rom.

                        I installed an older one.

                        Which other ROM from this thread (not android TV) works for piano ?
                        I tried the rk3328_d4_9.0_8189-sv6051_20190308_r1.img but it never boots.
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                          Originally posted by Silver View Post
                          I have seen many users bricking their RK3328 TV box with incorrect firmware.
                          In this thread i will supply some IMG files for you all so you can reflash your box with working wifi/bt drivers

                          This includes 2 firmwares i have customized with preinstalled apps some patches and root

                          The CPU frequencies have been changed based on wifichip kernel. You can tweak CPU with Kernel Auditor.
                          Do note the RK3328 CPU and MALI-450MP GPU are not suited for multitasking nor gaming, best usage is for streaming using apps like youtube ect.
                          Box may run HOT depending on flashed firmware.

                          RTL8723BS: 2016MHZ max.
                          AP6255: 1500MHZ max.
                          OTHERS: 1300MHZ, 1800MHZ



                          -SuperSU root (do not update SU binary)
                          -Preinstall apps (Launcher, Kernel Auditor, Navigationbar, Gboard, FTMC, YoutubeVanced, XposedInstaller ect.)
                          -Fix Autoframerate in FTMC
                          -Fix WallpaperService
                          -Fix missing menu in some apps (3dot menu)
                          -Fix apps crashing
                          -Patched recents for normal view
                          -Build.prop tweaks
                          -Wifidriver tweaks

                          Notes: i cannot fix these issues i am not the manufacturer

                          IF FTMC not installed, open calculator app and input chinese "PI" symbol followed by "318" so "PI318" (just make sure it shows the symbol instead of "PI"

                          Some USB ports may work unstable with certain peripherals on these ROMs.
                          RTL8723BS wifi module unstable if bluetooth enabled and using Bluetooth mouse for example
                          Possible more bugs but nothing dramatic, these are chinese tv boxes you cannot expect everything to work perfect

                          Downloads for custom ROMs by Silver:





                          You can send me some cookies if i helped you = 1NMaX2Y2P1XW6UYhQCWwzVp2qEvekoGhBZ

                          ATTENTION: I am not responsible if you brick your box because you flashed wrong firmware!


                          -Backup your current working ROM if anything goes wrong (You can use RKDumper for example)
                          -Understand how to flash your TV Box with AndroidTool or FactoryTool

                          Firmware Description:



                          Try different versions of AndroidTool and FactoryTool before posting errors here!
                          I have tested all firmwares and they run fine.

                          Stock Firmwares and files:


                          Notes: i have included AndroidTV firmware (Widevine L1 is blacklisted sorry) also includes rooted boot.img so you can try to root your android 7.1 firmware with it.




                          Note: Box will not boot you have to flash IT6334 patch i have uploaded

                          https://mega.nz/file/v5UQVQgI#jh7cPV...63TZ59Pqxu2kAU IT6334 patch (use AndroidTool load the provided config select and flash all images in your box)

                          Confirmed working on:

                          V88 Piano
                          ...more to come

                          Here are my steps to flash the firmware from 'Silver' (rk3328_d4_7.1_rtl8723bs_20180705_r1_root.img) :
                          1. Install Rockchip_DriverAssitant_v4.4 or v4.8
                          2. Open "rkdev tool - AndroidTool_Release_v2.51" and goto 'Upgrade Firmware' tab
                          3. Click 'Firmware' and locate the img file
                          4. Remove screws of the TVbox. Refer to the image attached below and find the copper dots which are necessary to short-circuit to enter MASKROM mode.
                          5. Use a wire or a conductor to connect the two dots. While doing that, connect the male-male USB cable to PC and USB 2 port of the tv box. AndroidTool will show "Found One MASKROM Device" immediately. Remove the Short-circuiting conductor.
                          6. Click 'EraseFlash'
                          7. Click 'Upgrade'
                          8. After the upgrade is finished, remove the USB cable.
                          9. Connect HDMI cable
                          10. Connect power cable (sometimes, you might have to hold the av-reset pin before connecting the power cable. but I didn`t have to do that)
                          11. Boot animation will appear within few seconds. If the display goes to standby mode, remove and replug the power cable.
                          12. the android logo will appear. then wait.....
                          13. Done !!!
                          14. Let me know if this helps.
                          Pins to Short-circuit:

                          Click image for larger version Name:	fetch?id=819923&d=1612085123.png Views:	0 Size:	173.8 KB ID:	819964

                          Please test firmwares and reply back here so others know what works for what box.


                          Hi Silver,

                          I'm a new menber in this forum.

                          I using MX9 Pro 4k 4/32gb box with RK3328 chipset, wifi IT6334.
                          I have problem with my box as below :
                          Before I used Android 8.1 rom for it and bluetooth dissappear, I think this rom incorrect so I had downgrade to Android 7.2 rom.
                          Now, the box can not turn on the wifi and bluetooth all.
                          I have downloaded your rom for this box : "rk3328_d4_8.1_it6334_20180913_patch.zip", but I don't know how to flash for this rom (as your instruction using RK Android tool) because after unzip this file it have many files .img. I know flash rom by "update.zip" and .img file using RK Batch tool or sdcard only
                          Please instruction step by step for me how to flash this firmware to my box (MX9Pro 4k - 4/32gb - RK3328 - IT6334)

                          I look forward to hearing from you soon