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anyone else get one of those $7.SBC RK3328 boards off amazon?

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    anyone else get one of those $7.SBC RK3328 boards off amazon?

    I just ordered one today, seemed like a mistake at first then i read the reviews from other amazon users who had one and it turned out to be a different device built around an SBC that i guess went belly up and just dumped all the devices.

    Its listed under "Iconikal Rockchip RK3328 4K 60P Single Board Computer A53 64-Bit Processor, 1GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 RAM, USB 3.0"

    Only 1 gig of ram but comes with some other junk that might be fun to tinker with?

    hope i get one before they sell out
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    dang! i shot myself in the foot on this deal

    I ordered one and when to check my account to see if i was really being charge $7.99 and it showed $15.98 so i canceled it

    Some how i clicked 2

    now they are all gone

    I think one went threw efore i canceled it though, i hope

    The box looks kinda cool, if i get everything the other people got.


      Mine says i will get it thursday, anyone have theirs yet?

      What OS are you going to run? Android or what?

      This will be my second Rockchip deviice, i have a Khadas Edge, and a CSA96/R99 with the 3399 but other then that all of my boxes are Amlogic chips

      IM kind of curious to try something from ROckchip besides the 3399


        Well i got 2 of them so far, the third one is on back order.

        Cant believe they are so cheap!

        Heck the board, 16G sandisk ultra card and power supply was worth $7.99 lol


          I kinda figured there would be a little more interest in them then this?

          $7.99, the board, the power supply, the SD card to boot from and a few other things that arnt used, maybe?

          guys you cant beat this, the SD card imo is wirth the $8. the board is just a bonus!


            Well i got 4, so far ive only tried Android and Lakka, but there are like 12 different OS files to try


              Mine should be here today, I've seen lots of references 1) to it being a pihe64 board and 2). There being a bunch os os images to choose from.

              Any one wanting to point me to either of these references would be greatly appreciated. Big pine 64 fan but other than the cpu sticker don't see much reference.

              One thing I'm very interested in, us creating a portable mp3 player out of it. Thought then included lcd might be a leg up. But again not seeing anything like that.





                Its the same format as the Pi 3, being te same size with the HDMI on the side and the USB ports and the network port on the end. The Pi 3 cases work for this board.

                All of the downloads are on the wiki site, if you search Rock64 you will see a list of about 12 or so different files to install on the board.

                The board went up, when i got mine they were $7.99 for everything ready to go (with an OS change) then they went up to i think $9.99 now i think they are at $15. if he still has some left im not sure?

                Here is the link to all of the OS files if the link works?


                Took me a while searching the pine forum to find the link to all of the OS downloads, then when i seen how many there were and they all worked and were pretty fast downloads i ordered 2 more boards.


                  Looks like "Eta Prime" on YouTube has one... hey is made a review


                    Yeah but he used the bad version of Android, i had the same results with that version of Android, 7 and 8 just dont seem optimized very well for this board, they may work ok for the 2 and 4G boards but for this board being a 1G model it needs to better use the RAM better and Andrid 7 and 8 just dont seem to do that.

                    Ill be if he ran another review with Android 9 his results would be way different.



                      Well my oackage finally arrived w/ the RIGHT product this time.

                      WOW thanks for that link, I back tracked through another sourcve and found a much older non supported wiki that had only a few images, the one you left has TONS

                      thanks fo r the help!



                        Yeah there are alot of different operating systems for it arnt there? i was kinda shocked when i found it, ive tried all of the Andrid version only a few of the others, the retro game systems mainly.