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Station M1 RK3328 - Custom AndroidTV-Q ROM

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    Station M1 RK3328 - Custom AndroidTV-Q ROM

    V1.2 ROM

    Update Webview to latest version
    Update apps
    Fix Landscape problem for some apps like APKPure
    Fix Fullscreen problem for apps like TikTok Lite
    Update system apps permissions
    Update video codecs
    Update Add-Blocker
    Build as enforcing for better security
    Add Navigation bar support
    (To disable - Go to Display - Hide Navigation bar and enable/disable it. Then click on the down arrow on the navigation bar to hide/unhide it easily)
    Fix external storage devices prompting to format every time they are turned on if they contain bad sectors

    Disable Double-click the Power button to open the Camera app
    Fix hdmi no display when resume or switch resolution
    DRM/rockchip: vop: fix blend typo
    Fix switch from 4K-60/50Hz to lower resolution failed
    Adjust ripple animation for immediate feedback
    Set GMS as default autofill service
    RGB Fixed screen not clear after standby wake up

    To root
    - Update Magisk First(Install)
    - Then patch boot.img
    - Flash Boot.img to boot partition through TvSettings - Developer Options
    -(Click 7 times on build info in About to enable Developer Options)

    Download Link: Here
    Boot.img - Here

    V1.1 ROM

    Add Kodi, Nova Video Player, SmartTube Next auto frame-rate switching support
    Fix Exfat Filesystem support for USB drives
    Add Magisk Root support
    Add support for Nintendo Switch controllers
    Add Fake Wifi support(use ethernet as a wifi connection, useful for games like Asphalt to work over ethernet)
    Add Sleep option in power off menu
    Fix boot to MaskROM Mode in Developer Options
    Build as Release-keys instead of Debug-keys, might have better compatibility for some apps.

    V1.0 ROM
    Add AndroidTV 10 Gapps

    Fix Google Play Store login problem
    Fix Youtube VP9 freezes
    Add Ad-blocker(blocks > 300000 sites)
    Add Kodi, Nova VideoPlayer, SmartTube Next, MiXplorer apps
    Grant storage permission for installed apps
    Changed default keyboard to LeanKeyKeyboard
    Lots of UI optimizations to increase speed(30-50% in several places)
    Changed DPI to 320 and frame-buffer to 1080p
    Enable support for VirtualXposed
    Add Power menu app(Need root)
    Use App-Drawer app to access normal Android apps(non Leankback ones)
    Add several remote control keylayout files
    Add 10-bit H264 video playback support
    Add Double press Home button for Recent apps
    - Long press okay on an app window to close it.
    - Long press back to close all apps
    Add Wifi Connect button in Wifi connect screen.

    Download Link: Here
    Flash with AndroidTool v2.69/v2.71
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    install it to scishion piano v88 box, after successful flash device boot but stuck after boot, screen goes to green,
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      this is scishion piano v88 box picture, where is wifi or other basic driver? what type of Rom is best for this device?




          Originally posted by Atif Munir View Post
          this is scishion piano v88 box picture, where is wifi or other basic driver? what type of Rom is best for this device?
          It uses SV6051P wifi.
          The company closed down a few years ago.

          You can contact the manufacturer Chiptrip(http://www.chiptrip.com.cn/cn/Info.a...eID=40625988.6) or the seller for the stock firmware and use that.
          Don't think any firmware after 2018 will work correctly(or only wifi) as it won't contain that wifi driver since the wifi chip company went bust and didn't create a driver for newer Android OS's.


            Not recommended because the firmware is not good


            • mo123
              mo123 commented
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              I have to disagree with that since it's the best RK3328 Android 10 firmware currently available.
              If you use it on clone H96 Max RK3318/RK3328 devices then it won't work correctly as it's made for the Station M1 RK3328 device.



              just a question (and not a provocation): is it feasible to port such firmware to a more transversal rk3328 platform (T9, H96MAX+, other) ?

              Thank you


              • mo123
                mo123 commented
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                Without any source code or samples from those manufacturers it's a lost cause to spend any time developing anything.
                It's cheaper for a user to just buy something new that works for several years than something that gets discontinued as soon as it leaves a factory.

              Can I install this to H96 Max+ 4/32 box?
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                Originally posted by azuanashraf View Post
                Can I install this to H96 Max+ 4/32 box?
                I don't think it will work on such a device as the hardware is very different.


                  Updated OP with v1.2 ROM.