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HOW TO Convert MX10 to NextCloud server with Armbian

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    HOW TO Convert MX10 to NextCloud server with Armbian

    Good morning all.

    I have an MX10 and I can boot on " Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_bullseye_current_5.7.8_desktop.img " with my sd card ( thank you balbes150 ). But I can't install NextCloud yet available in third party installations of armbianconfig ..?

    I found NextCloudPi and a special version for Rock64 (RK3328), this one is based on Armbian so I wondered if it was possible to adapt NextcloudPi-Rock64.img to use on my MX10 box?
    => https://ownyourbits.com/downloads/Ne...ck64_11-27-20/

    Not being really pro in this kind of manipulation, if an expert could help me it would be great ...

    The goal of all this, to convert my MX10 into a private cloud to replace Gdrive, Dropbox, and other cloud giants. The same thing but directly at home and especially Opensource ...
    If anyone knows of another way to set up this kind of 'Cloud at home' please run the info ...

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    build for armbian


      Good morning all.
      Finally after a few days of testing and research, I finally managed to run my nextcloud server on my (RK3328).
      So for those interested, here is the procedure I used.
      1 / I flashed a .img linux for RK3328 tv (Thanks balbes150 ) for my part I used " Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_buster_current_5.7.8.img " , I boot with microSD card and directly flash to emmc..
      2/ Boot on armbian tv on emmc and start "armbianbian-config" for install desktop environment. and for "update & upgrade" => after this reboot..
      3/ Easy way for install nextcloud is a "snap" , in a terminal "sudo apt install snapd" => reboot
      4/ In a terminal "sudo snap install nextcloud"
      5/ configure snap nextcloud (be careful, this is a snap installation and therefore not a classic nextcloud installation) this step was the most delicate for me, a novice... But with some web research I was able to do what I wanted .. Access to my cloud from LAN and WAN with LetsEncrypt for secure https access .. For this step I invite you to search for Snap Nextcloud installation tutorials, I opened so many web pages to do my installation that I don't even know which one to advise you.
      6/ Wow that's it, you have your own Cloud directly at home, easily configurable. This solution is really nice, and allows you to do without Gdrive and other energy-intensive cloud, mine runs on a small TV box (Chinese quality, so blah blah ..) but it works perfectly ..
      The only downside is that you need a domain name in order to access your cloud by WAN, I am using the no-ip.com service but I have a free domain only for 30 days, if anyone knows a way to create your domain name for free and without time limit I'm interested ..
      Here I hope that it will interest other users of box RK3328, the Cloud at Home solution is functional and achievable on our small boxes ...


        For those who want to test there must be a way not to use 'snap nextcloud' but a clean installation, this must be able to be done quite simply thanks to Yunohost which allows the implementation of a web server in an automated and most simple possible and install nextcloud by this server directly ..


          Too bad I believed it but I encountered a new problem with armbian, the mac address changes with each reboot of the system suddenly all the procedure to put in fixed IP does not work any more suddenly return to zero .. I have to find some 'first a system running with always the same mac address ... probably not found .. So if some have already had this problem, thanks for your help ..


            Good morning all

            This time it's good, I have my web server installed on my old MX10 box ..

            So I started by installing Armbian Buster RK3328 (thanks balbes150 ) on my Emmc, then after doing the updates, I installed Yunohost (it's a web server OS > https://yunohost.org/fr/install/hardware:arm_unsup ) and then everything is done by the Yunohost interface, I was able to install Nextcloud (for the cloud) Jellyfin (for music and videos, like a spotify and netflix two in one ..) Rainloop (for the mail server) and Grocy (for managing the house) ..

            The box has been running non-stop for a good week without any problem ...

            Good Luck..