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Khadas Edge RK3399 Custom Android Pie Firmware by mo123

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    Khadas Edge RK3399 Custom Android Pie Firmware by mo123

    Khadas Edge V RK3399 Custom Android Pie Firmware v1.1 by mo123

    v1.1 Changelog
    • Add 10-Bit H264 video playback support in Kodi 18(not even Vim 3 can play these videos smoothly )
    • New Recent Apps menu(Long press OK on a window to close it, long press back to close all recent apps)
    • Fix shutdown with ir remote(Long press power button to power off or restart)
    • Enable permissions for installed apps so you don?t have to enable it for all apps manually(Disable permissions not wanted if needed)
    • Spoof ethernet as wifi (Now you can play games like Asphalt etc. that only work on wifi over ethernet too. Some apps only added wifi support since phones/tablets don?t have ethernet)
    • Extra speed improvements
    • Can switch to Google Webview in Developer options if using apps that use a lot of web content for better experience. Install GWV manually -
    • Add Youtube leanback, Kiwi browser, Netflix apps
      (Kiwi browser can use Chrome addons just like the PC Chrome browser)
    • Removed a lot of bloatware apps that were meant for tablets
    • Add HD SBC Bluetooth codec support in Developer Settings - More Settings in TvSettings
      (Sound should have much higher bitrate playing over bluetooth speakers or headphones)
    • Block some ads by default to browse faster
    • Add kernel support for NFS, Samba v2(MiXplorer + Samba v2 addon is already installed)
      (To use Samba v2, use a file manager like MiXplorer, most apps only use Samba v1 with slower speeds and follow this guide -
    • Make TvSettings app visible in other launchers
    • Add Settings app to TvSettings app menu(More Settings) to stop confusion of 2 installed Settings apps
    • Changed default keyboard app to work better with an airmouse, it follows mouse movements.
    • Fixed Keyboard - Physical keyboard - Show virtual keyboard(Now you can enter the wifi password correctly if using TvSettings with the onscreen keyboard if using a mouse)

    v1.0 Changelog
    • Fixed Kodi crashing
    • Add Kodi auto frame-rate switching
    • Fixed Youtube freezing problem
    • Added fractional frame-rates 23.976hz( Can be useful for apps like Netflix to play smoother)
    • General speed improvements
    • Add writing to external storage support
    • Made HDMI Bitstream audio the default to not manually set it if using passthrough audio
    • Fixed Nova launcher crashes
    • Fixed apps running sideways
    • Removed battery icon

    Navigation bar
    • Add Screenshot button
    • Add Hide Bar (Hide Bar also added to Display settings, can be used with a game controller or keyboard) Can also long press menu button to hide/unhide.
    • Add Power off icon (Shutdown also added to About menu, can be used with a game controller or keyboard)

    Changed launcher to RKTVLauncher (more useful for ir remote and gamepads)
    • Long press on icon to move it around
    • New Settings at the bottom

    Download Links:
    v1.1!xRUQQQbb!AE6mEqXO2mMituYj0YQriUG2z3wngF1j2bYrKE3 GsiU 1
    v1.0!Vd8hhITB!3LKtBARASSujdodvBGgMMKU1CXdzIvcJTI4T78-K9vI 27
    Password: khadas

    Flash with AndroidTool v2.65 with DriverTool v4.8 installed. 9 9
    Connect USB C cable to your PC, plugged into the button left port on Khadas Edge V and press the middle Function button 3 times in 2 seconds to enter Loader mode.

    If already on Khadas Edge Pie firmware, just do Upgrade.
    If still on Nougat do Erase Flash then Upgrade.
    (For additional info posted by users, can also check

    Flashing on other devices might brick you device, so don't try if you don't have a backup and know how to recover from MaskROM Mode.

    Look forward to giving it a run. Thanks.


      Looking Good...

      First boot you get to choose what settings to use
      Then appears the launcher options

      Home screen Sample Black screen only and fails
      Home Screen OK

      Flashed twice to confirm...

      Also Black edge on ES File explorer not full screen
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        RK3399 H96 Max board ?


          Originally posted by MasterCATZ View Post
          RK3399 H96 Max board ?
          No, doesn't support it most likely as the hardware is very different.
          10-bit Anime works great on this firmware on Khadas Edge RK3399, everything hardware decoded.
          It's a pity Wechip -, the manufacturer of the H96 only cares about Nougat.


            hi mo123, suitable for vs-rk3399?


            • mo123
              mo123 commented
              Editing a comment
              The Khadas Edge is very different than other devices. It uses USB-C for power, not a barrel connector, only 2 USB ports, no SPDIF, different camera, lcd, extension boards, different remote, different voltages for components. So the chance of it working on other devices is less than 10%.

              From Android Pie onwards partitions are also linked to each other and don't boot if compiled on different dates or machines. File hash values are also checked to see if they weren't tampered with later. All Google's plan to improve security and make custom firmware development harder.

              You can ask Videostrong to make their own Pie firmware and skip their outdated Oreo firmware perhaps. The Khadas Edge and RockPi 4 RK3399 are far better development boards with community support.

              The only way I can make firmware for other devices is if the manufacturer provides a sample device, source code and device patches.

            Originally posted by dragon92 View Post
            hi mo123, suitable for vs-rk3399?
            I already tore apart MO's firmware and a stock N6-rk3399 firmware as reference, to see how different the 2 devices are, this Edge firmware doesn't have Ramdisk in the boot.img so my guess it will not work in any tv box board except on the Edge development board. Don't try it, you'll just brick your box.