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AM1 and AM2 Firmware Update...

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    AM1 and AM2 Firmware Update...

    Ugoos has released an update for the AM1 and AM2 S905 devices. From the Ugoos blog.


    v.0.0.7 - 11/11/2016


    enabled BLE peripheral mode

    enabled touch screens support

    Settings: moved hardware monitor settings to own category

    Settings: added ability to switch launcher with RC in Home Settings

    Daydream: added а choice of actions (sleep, hibernation, shutdown) for sleep timer (AM1)

    added Ext4 fs support

    updated google apps

    updated ES file explorer

    added event for BACK button on RC in recovery menu


    fixed auto frame rate (Settings -> Play back settings -> HDMI self-adaption)

    fixed touch popup windows, added COPY and CUT buttons updated applications.

    fixed work of remote controller in recovery menu

    Gamepad Settings: fixed press buttons bug

    Settings: translation changes (en, de, ru)

    deleted Sinhala language

    OTA: fixed secure check bug

    OTA: fixed install errors associated with root and fireasy

    fixed killing processes with HOME button

    -Android TV-

    fixed HOME button on RC

    returned AOSP keyboard

    updated Google Play Store

    fixed microphone bug

    added ability to use remote apps (Android TV Remote Control) for recognition voice

    ("Ugoos Settings -> System -> Voice Input Source",

    or "More Settings -> Language & input -> Speech")