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Update For Ugoos UM3-UT3-UT3S-UT3+...

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    Update For Ugoos UM3-UT3-UT3S-UT3+...

    Ugoos has released version 3.0.9, from the Ugoos blog.
    No mention of much needed audio fixes for the UT3+, but we shall see.
    A couple of new features, like HDMI mask...
    Masked HDMI
    This feature will be very useful for those customers who prefer to use some streaming services (like Sky Go) and have some problems with detecting HDMI. In order to prevent HDMI detection by particular application you can run: Settings – HDMI – masked HDMI. Masked HDMI force system not to include HDMI in device’s active output.
    Click image for larger version

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    The change log....

    "1. UgoosFileManger replaced by EsExplorer

    2. Updated UgoosUpdater. Changed design, fixed some critical bugs.

    3. Updated UgoosKodi.

    4. Fixed bug wth IR-transmitter

    5. Improved playback

    6. TvSettings. Fixed bugs with Samba Settings

    7. Location detection switched off by default

    8. Added exfat support for SD-cards

    9. Added ability Mask HDMI in system

    10. Added support AndroidTV remote

    11. Added action on "back" key into recovery

    12. Fixed Netflix issue.

    13. Improved logic of work of NTP client. Added ability set custom server address.

    14. Added ability move APP to SD-card

    15. Added ability to choose action on second daydream timer (sleep/shutdown)

    16. For some web camera models processing was improved
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    That is amazing that Ugoos is still supporting their "older" devices. Support like that will cause them to move to the top of premier manufacturers list. Kudos to them.
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      Hi to all ,

      nice thatˋs where we waiting for , i hope that this Version let me use Wifi.I am still on KK because of this Bug.

      Whatˋs "old" ???

      nice Day



        Hi to Ugoos and all others ,

        Nothing changed , thanks Ugoos that i spend Hours of Hours for Translations and u dont even use them , thanks for not

        fixing any Bug that i reported already Month before , thanks for still , Hangs and Stutters in System , Stutters in Audio &

        Video when Wifi is turned on , thanks for automaticly On/Off turning WIFI , thanks for a since KK not working Equalizer ,

        thanks for since KK still existing "memtrack module" Bug , thanks for only making cosmetic Work and selling it as big

        Update , thanks Ugoos.Thanks for not using MM.

        I am really angry about that , do i really have a UT3 , do they use other Parts for my Box or what ???

        The only thing i can test is , Boot from SD , but i really think this shall change nothing .

        Miracle shall they answer ???

        to all others nice Day



          Relax Gefattern I think they working on Droid 7 so mm passed over. They say release a few weeks back we all waiting on it release Maybe it be Prrrrrrfect

          I am running latest on the mk902ii as well as the ut3 so wierd you getting all this issues on yours. I have a few glitches but for most part everything pretty smooth?

          Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


            Hi scooter ,

            thanks for answer , it is really stupid all LP Versions make this strange behavior.I hope 7 and Chrome OS will change that ???

            good Day