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New Firmware Version 0.0.6 For Ugoos AM1 And AM2...

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    New Firmware Version 0.0.6 For Ugoos AM1 And AM2...

    From the Ugoos blog.




    added Gamepad Settings to Ugoos settings

    Daydream: added ability of disabling wake up from motions

    translation changes (TvSettings, Settings, reboot dialog)

    AM1 RC: Added "Recent apps" button. Changed "mute" button (red button on RC)

    AM1 RC: "play-pause" button now working

    added longpress event for "menu" button (hide/show status and navigation bars)

    added longpress event for "Recent apps" button (enable/disable mouse mode)

    added ability to enter NTP server (Date & time Settings)

    TvSettings: added check input parameters for File server Settings

    changed boot animation


    fixed Voice Search microphone bug

    TvSettings: Fixed crash bug of daydream timers

    fixed crash "UPDATE&BACKUP" bug

    fixed flashing of power menu from remote controller

    Launcher3. Fixed focus indicator (hidebar bug)

    fixed sdcard mount bug
    Khadas VIM(S905X), Beelink R68 II(S912), GOLE1(Intel Z8300), NEXBOX T10(Intel Z8300), Ugoos UT3(RK3288) and UT3+(RK3288), R-Box(RK3229-2GB/8GB), Tronsmart S95 Meta(AMLS905), Inphic i7(S905), UBOX(AMLS805), Q7(RK3188T)

    Can some one pist build prop for this firmware?
    Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.