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UT3 Users Help needed !!!

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    UT3 Users Help needed !!!

    Hi to all ,

    i and other Users with bricked Boxes need your Help ,

    my UT3 bricked long ago , but now i was able to get it booting with a Copy of a

    307/UM3 Rom , made with HDDRawCopy from the Stick , by a unknown User ,

    thats nice , but the rest Storage is only about 4GB ,

    because the UM3 is a 2/8GB Device , but my Storage i full available under the

    Xubuntu OS from Ugoos that boots too , so this brings me to the Point ,

    can please someone make a Backup with HDDRawCopy from the latest Ugoos

    UT3 Roms , as possible , 307 & 7.1.2 , not sure how it works to make a Backup

    of the installed Rom with HDDRawCopy , but sure there are Tutorials ,

    we really need your help , thanks

    greetings / gefattern
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    Hi ,

    but more for Advertisment in own Business , wish there

    Support for FW & Users here would be better , i still have

    a bricked UT3 and i need a Backup in imgc.File to use it

    still from SD ,

    but they dont even answer here or with Email , but that is

    another theme , greetings / gefattern