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Ugoos UT3 firmware updates

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    Ugoos UT3 firmware updates

    Ugoos UT3 is on of the first brand devices based on Rockchip 3288 SoC.
    Device's distinctive feature is HDMI IN port om board. Using it you can passthroug video signal to the screen on demand
    Release date: 10 august 2014

    Firmwares Android 7.1.2:

    UT3 Full Img file v 4.0.0 BETA

    Firmwares 5.1.1:

    UT3 Full Img file v 3.0.7

    UT3 Full Img file v 3.0.6

    UT3 Full Img file v 3.0.4

    UT3 Full Img file v 3.0.2b

    UT3 Full Img file v 3.0.1b

    UT3 Full Img file v 3.0.0b

    4.4 & dualboot

    UT3 Full Img file v 2.2.0

    UT3 Img dualboot based on Android 4.4 and Linux 15.04

    Changelogs and details:

    Changelog v. 3.1.0 22.05.2017

    Ugoos updater improvements (rework update mechanism)

    2. Overheating prevention improvements

    Change log v 3.0.7

    1. Fixed bug with blinking with 4k resolution on some TV`s

    2. Added support of RkGameControllerSettings

    3. Added Support of RKMC

    4. Kodi updated to Ugoos Kodi based on Kodi 16.1 with RKMC patches

    5. Added passthrough support for UT3+

    6. Added system autoframerate

    7. Added bug with Wi-Fi default available channels

    8. Fixed bootloop problem with some devices

    9. Improved USB processing

    10. Added ability to use usb ethernet adapters

    11. Now setting of OTG port saving after reboot

    12. Fixed bug with audioinput in some apps (Skype, wechat)

    13. UT3+: Added PIP control menu. Power menu -> PIP Settings

    14. UT3+: Fixed bug with 720p resolution.

    15. Improved GamepadSettings. Now you can easy share profiles. Profiles saving into /sdcard/GamepadSettings

    16. Added ability disabling wake up by motions (mouse, gamepads)

    17. Improved SystemUpdate app. Replaced email and calendar apps on apps from Google.

    18. Updated GAPPS, YouTube, Chrome

    19. Included Google Webview into the system

    20. Changed boot animation

    21. Fixed crash of keyboard into VPN Settings menu.

    Change Log 3.0.6 (24/05/2016)

    Main changes from previous version:

    1. Fixed bugs with usb-card mount/unmount.

    2. Added exfat support

    3. Added Gamepad settings and axes simulation

    4. Added TvSettings

    5. Replaced Rockchip Filemanager, added Ugoos Filemanager

    6. Changed processing logic of Daydream (Screensaver) and Sleep timers.

    7. Fixed bug with wakeup after sleep. Now device is not going to the suspend mode

    8. Improved Hardware monitor:

    - Added icons

    - added Network activity

    - added CPU load activity

    9. Added screen rotation support

    10. Fixed time zone for multi-window mode

    11. Updated Ugoos Launcher

    Changelog 3.0.4

    1. IPTVLauncher was replased by Ugoos Launcher

    2. Added Chinese and Russian localization in Settings

    3. Now firmware has only one partition

    4. Added Multiuser support

    5. Updated Multiwindow mode

    5. Included Wifi optimization

    6. Added support Fireasy app

    7. Added samba server

    8. Fixed bug with button "Dismiss all" in "Recent Apps" window

    9. Added support Google Widevine DRM

    10. Fixed bug with wrong colors in some apps (black background in ES File Explorer)

    11. Added ability to select usb sound card in Sound Device manager

    12. Added usb 3G Modems support

    Changelog 3.0.2b

    1. Fixed bug with Developer Options menu item.

    2. Fixed unexpected reboot during separate web cameras using.

    3. Added basic multi-window support function.

    4. Improved video playback in side players (MXPlayer now use hardware decoders for video playback)

    5. “Close all active apps” button added in “recent apps” window, also all apps can be closed using “menu” button on RC

    6. Long hold button function added. Holding “menu” – bars appeared and disappeared; “recent apps” button activate/deactivate air mouse function mode.

    7. OTA updates support added.

    Change log 3.0.1b

    1. Added ability get root access (Ugoos Settings)

    2. Added ability to control power LED (for UT3/UT3S, Ugoos Settings)

    3. Added ability to control Fan (for UT3/UT3S, Ugoos Settings)

    4. SPMC was replaced on Special version KODI optimised for current firmware.

    Improved/added support: playback video with 23.976fps, H.264 4K @ 25fps, H.265 4K @ 60fps, TrueHD 7.1 D, Dobly 7.1, BD3D ISO, etc...

    5. Added additional parameter files, with internal storage size 8Gb and 16Gb (need select before reflash your device)

    Change log 3.0.0b

    1. Fixed bug with web camera

    2. Fixed bug with switching resolutions.

    3. Added ability close apps from Recent App windows by remote control. (by dpad left and right button )

    4. Added support Init.d scripts

    5. Added ability reboot device, going into sleep mode or reboot to bootloader from shutdown menu.

    6. Added base support Ugoos UM3/UT3 devices

    7. Added base support fan for Ugoos UT3/UT3S models

    8. Added spdif support

    9. Fixed bug with switching keyboard layouts by hardware keyboard

    Changelog Android 4.4 v 2.2.0


    1. File server (samba, Settings->File server)

    2. Android: add Google Calendar and Contacts sync

    3. Android: add native exFAT support


    1. Android: fix fail to mount two partitions (USB storage)

    2. Kernel: fix efuse module, cpu SN available now

    3. Audio: Bitstream: fix no sound when plug/unplug hdmi

    4. SystemUI: remove right to left navigation bar layout (right to left languages crash)

    5. Keyboard: return hardware keyboard setting, add save hardware keyboard toggle, unbind hardware keyboard toggle and settings

    6. Keyboard: hide wifi vertual keyboard in hardwre keyboards

    7. Android: Settings->Ugoos Settings: add own wifi MAC address toggle (to have different Wifi and Ethernet MAC)

    8. Settings: remove full erase checkbox at dualboot
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    Nice compilation.
    Thanks Victor.


      Actually new OTA TO 3.10 OUT TOO. UNKNOWN FIX LIST.
      Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


        Android 7.1.2 BETA firmware added