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Ugoos UT3+ firmware updates

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    Ugoos UT3+ firmware updates

    Ugoos UT3+ was created as extention of popular UT3 model based on Rockchip 3288 SoC. Unlike former model, UT3+ provides addtional functions like: Pip and Video recording. HDMI In gives abilities to use HDMI source for third party applications and becomes attractive feature for OEM projects.
    Release date: 11 july 2016

    IMG Files:

    UT3+ Full Image file v 3.0.7

    Change log v 3.0.7

    1. Fixed bug with blinking with 4k resolution on some TV`s

    2. Added support of RkGameControllerSettings

    3. Added Support of RKMC

    4. Kodi updated to Ugoos Kodi based on Kodi 16.1 with RKMC patches

    5. Added passthrough support for UT3+

    6. Added system autoframerate

    7. Added bug with Wi-Fi default available channels

    8. Fixed bootloop problem with some devices

    9. Improved USB processing

    10. Added ability to use usb ethernet adapters

    11. Now setting of OTG port saving after reboot

    12. Fixed bug with audioinput in some apps (Skype, wechat)

    13. UT3+: Added PIP control menu. Power menu -> PIP Settings

    14. UT3+: Fixed bug with 720p resolution.

    15. Improved GamepadSettings. Now you can easy share profiles. Profiles saving into /sdcard/GamepadSettings

    16. Added ability disabling wake up by motions (mouse, gamepads)

    17. Improved SystemUpdate app. Replaced email and calendar apps on apps from Google.

    18. Updated GAPPS, YouTube, Chrome

    19. Included Google Webview into the system

    20. Changed boot animation

    21. Fixed crash of keyboard into VPN Settings menu.