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Zidoo Offer QS Teamviewer Support Ziddo X6

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    Zidoo Offer QS Teamviewer Support Ziddo X6

    Now the Teamviewer supported Zidoo X6pro for remote control through Teamviewer QS with an addon.
    Zidoo contacted the Teamviewer Office one month ago, and we got their help to support Zidoo X6pro.
    After our test, TeamviewerQS is proved work well with X6pro.
    But we have not got the support with HOST apk from teamviewer company.

    So that now we could take full control with X6pro from PC or cellphone , but only through QS, not HOST.

    The way to use it is simply download TeamviewerQSAddon and TeamviewerQS from here , and install them to Zidoo X6pro. Then get the teamviewer ID by run TeamviewerQS. When you start controlling the X6pro from PC or cellphone with fill out the teamviewerID, You need confirm the request of control in the X6pro.

    Or find more FAQs from Teamviewer:

    Source : Zidoo Forum
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