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    Good or bad?

    The real question besides the specs is is it any good?

    I got a tronsmart vega89 and though it it still works the build guilty is some of the worst i seen.
    HDMI port troubles they never really fixed and even the sd card port was solder badly. (sort of surprised it hasn't imploded actually)

    The software itself was bug ridden and never fully fixed but thanks to modders here became functional.

    So how does this compare?
    Anyone had hands on or has the maker chatted about what they done and are doing to make this a cut above other models?
    Mk802IV Neomode 1.9a original rom 720p

    Good questions. Having a few bench marks and some other useful info would be nice. 😁
    Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


      Yup specs look fine but that's just writing.

      How does it hold up in real life to everyday use and how good is the support.

      Rather not see device freezing like in some of the older devices because of a poorly done kernel.

      Zidoo impress us
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      Mk802IV Neomode 1.9a original rom 720p


        Hmm.. yeah, the beelink s89h was a bad experience...
        i hat one of the first batch/presale devices and HDMI port broke... geekbuying quickly replaced it.. finless quickly fixed the firmware / omen the kodi issues
        But.. it still left a bad taste... after not receiving a lollipop update.. ( its currently running openelec )
        But i think.. many users, here bought one or more devices the regret buying (at first... hopefully freaktab found/solved any issues the device hat)

        life is like a chocolate box you never know what you get (especially if you buy presale items)

        But zidoo is doing some good work on support...just looking at there posts on freaktab (keepup the goodwork zidoo)



          Thanks my chocolate craving is now back lol.

          Stick to your workout diet..willpower..willpower
          Mk802IV Neomode 1.9a original rom 720p


            Originally posted by scooter2014 View Post
            Good questions. Having a few bench marks and some other useful info would be nice. 😁
            Been around for awhile this one and works well good support

            Zidoo X6


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              Seems to be good hardware with out the early manufacture flaws many have had.

              There is a overheat issue but that can probably be worked around and only likely to show its head during heavy game play or video processing.
              The likes of plex would put the unit at no risk of over heating or normal media playback either.

              Wireless certainly seems better it was a messing in the tronsmart units.
              Mk802IV Neomode 1.9a original rom 720p


                Hmm.. looking at zidoo`s forum... kodi issues: lips out of sync / passthrough drop outs (zidoo x6 pro)
                Still... if you can get one for free... can`t beat that price


                  Yeah free is certainly nice and more so with the birthday coming up iam 21 (now where my walker lol ).

                  As for the kodi issue iam not sure if that's a zidoo issue or a problem with that version of kodi.

                  I love kodi but its a pain in some ways and for the moment i use plex since its quicker and the freenas computer itself does the streaming work (over powered 8 core amd).
                  Mk802IV Neomode 1.9a original rom 720p


                    any update on how well or not so well that this box runs kodi? i have been searching for one that will primarily be used for KODI media streaming. any suggestions ?


                      You will get the best impression from the comments of users over at the official Zidoo forum, where you might not necessarily be so impressed.


                      When Zidoo came to the table with the X6 pro, things did look promising, especially with them opening up the source code to their custom version of Kodi to better support the Rockchip boxes.

                      But after many firmware updates, where in fixing one problem, they introduce more, I would be a little wary of purchasing one dependent upon your needs.

                      Now if Kodi is not on your radar for use then things might look a little different as Zidoo also have their own stock video player.

                      The company still has a way to go to provide actual good support, as to opposed to looking like it from the frequency of firmware updates.

                      They have also shown a tendency to drop one product like a stone once a new one comes to the fore, as happened with their X1.

                      However, their support may still be considered above those of many other brand names such as Beelink, Tronsmart etc

                      Personally I would avoid Rockchip based boxes altogether if Kodi is going to be a main use until they perfect their custom fork, RKMC.

                      It's not looking too bad right now but Rockchip are one of the proverbial snails when it comes to software development.

                      MXIII-G II, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, NUC6CAYH


                        Box sold with false specs and a lot of false promises none of which have really been made good IMHO avoid Zidoo, they are just like Belkin promise to fix then bring out a new model the last patch if you could call the sad effort that to the x6 pro was 2 months ago nothing since.


                          this box looks like a bust.
                          This is when we should be carefull with big advertising and flashy images and web sites....