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New firmware v1.3.0 Beta ZIDOO X9S released

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    New firmware v1.3.0 Beta ZIDOO X9S released

    Zidoo is going to bring two mainly function to users.

    1,Full Blu-Ray menu support in native player(support BD java menu).
    Zidoo Filemanager (or Theater) will allows users to play Blu-Ray in menu navigation mode, besides a simple mode.

    2,A new external subtitles system with rich settings and ASS/SSA support.
    Support SRT/SMI/SUB..etc
    Especially support ASS special effects in native player
    Support HTML TAGS , It's not filter,but display the effect like italic.
    Support custom fonts. It even allow user to add new font files into the box system.
    Support custom shadow and strokes for srt subtitles.

    Users are free to choose new subtitles system or the old one.

    Thanks for the effort of engineers.
    Some functions are still on testing stage which means some imperfections exist ,
    Comments and suggestions are very welcome as always.

    Update list,
    1,Add Blu-Ray Menu Navigation support.

    1,Eliminate the special gibberish filename in NFS share

    1,Add episodes order

    1,User can add subtitles from NFS or SMB share(the default path is the video path, and you can cancel subtitle dialog by menu button).
    2,User can save the subtitles be added which also can be deleted in advanced settings.
    3,Add a new subtitles system. The old one also be retained. User can switch the new and the old in advanced settings.
    4,The new subtitles support ASS special effect,SUB picture subtitles and SRT, SMI,TXT,etc.
    5,Improved UI.

    1,Canceled the limitation of record file size when the save storage format is not vFat (record 4G file problem).

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    Amazon mirror

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