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New Firmware Zidoo X9S 1.4.11

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    New Firmware Zidoo X9S 1.4.11

    New 1.4.11 firmware

    1. Changelog:

      1, Optimized color space.
      2, Fixed a issue that TrueHD audio was not supported by ZDMC
      3, Repair AVS + format video can not play the problem.


      1, Added PGS subtitle position adjustment.
      2, Added some functions into NumPad keys (a specific percentage of the play, a specific time to play time).
      3, Added function that DVD can be played as a folder.
      4, Optimize some special effects SUP characters Caton problem.
      5, Repair part of the video can not fast forward the problem.
      6, Repair the second time into the video details interface can not get the video information.
      7, Modify the Spanish translation.

      1, Increase the audio output of the original sampling rate switch.
      2, Increase the video playback, VFD display (display video playback time, display the remaining time of the video, the display clock).

      Picture manager:
      1, Speed up the display of pictures.
      2, Added more slide effects.
      3, Added a option to view the details of picutres.
      4, Added a option to delete pictures.
      5, Increase the music player function.

      File manager:
      1, Optimize Favorite function.
      2, Repair part of the interface does not refresh the function.
      3, Optimization When you choose to show hidden files, the immediate effect.

      Blu-ray navigation:
      1, Increase the PGS subtitle position adjustment.
      2, Increase the Spanish translation.

      Music player:
      1, Optimize access to the list rate.
      2, Repair the first choice on the first application of a flashback problem.
      3, Repair when the music file too much, the application of flashback problem.
      MD5: 18452a5aea7f6fba318503698c5f21d7

    Source: Zidoo
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