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New firmware v2.0.10 version(beta) for ZIDOO X9S release

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    New firmware v2.0.10 version(beta) for ZIDOO X9S release

    Model: ZIDOO_X9S
    Version number: v2.0.10

    1. Optimize system stability
    2. Optimize online streaming media
    3. Repair ZDMC port conflict

    1. Increase the built-in text subtitle 4 colors
    2. Optimize the video information display
    3. Optimize the subtitle download

    File Manager
    1. Increase SMB v2 function

    Blu-ray navigation
    1. Repair when there is only one subtitle, subtitles do not show the problem
    1. Repair part of the video navigation subtitles do not take effect when the issue
    2. Optimize 4K blue light navigation function

    Poster Wall
    1. Add equipment to increase a variety of network scanning methods
    2. Add the actor avatar function
    3. Repair scanning part of the SMB device flashback problem

    Control Center
    1. Increase the national and long-time editing capabilities
    2. Fix the problem that some videos can not be matched again by IMDB

    1. Modify the UI

    Quick Setting
    1. Modify the UI
    2. Optimize the operation mode

    One Key Clean Up
    1. Modify the UI
    2. Repair since the start of management functions
    3. Optimize the clean-up

    Link has been removed as this was a Pre Beta Test and more changes will be coming....

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