I just bought Zidoo X9S. I bought Zidoo X9S because I have more home Blu-ray videos saved in ISO images file and this TV box should be support playing Blu-ray and Blu-ray ISO files, with full menu navigation.. My new Zidoo has firmware v1.4.16.

I try open my ISO Blu-ray and standard Blu-ray structure with BDMV folder with Media center and with Home Theater and all work perfect. They first open full menu navigation and immediately play desidered video clip. My friends also has Zidoo X9S but he upgradet to new firmware v2.0.25 and he can't open ISO files. With KODI It's a little better. Can open ISO to full navigations menu, but when open desidered video, this start after 19 second. Now I do not know what to do upgrade to new firmware or not.
Has anyone experience with playing those files and has similar problems in new firmware?