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Edge rk3399 by Khadas for those that like to tinker

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    Edge rk3399 by Khadas for those that like to tinker

    Khadas Edge, RK3399Pro Hackable & Expandable SBC

    Now Live on Indiegogo
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    Find more information > > khadas < <
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    Information has been made available please note this is all Prototype Pictures (Not Final)
    • Khadas Edge, an entirely new SBC concept that is both hackable and expandable.
    • Next generation, category leading performance and rich IO in a small physical footprint.
    • Onboard programmable STM8S MCU expands the potential project applications beyond conventional SBCs.
    • Faster CPU based on RK3399: two performance-cores up to 1.8GHz, and four efficiency-cores up to 1.5GHz.
    • Mainline Linux & U-Boot Supported
    Edge i/o captain

    Edge and Captain

    Captain I/O

    Captain V1

    Edge and Captain, the Two become One

    Captain Power

    Mike and Camera Input

    Captain Ethernet


    More Camera


    More Egde

    Chip RK3399

    More info can be found at

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      More Edge again early days:
      Click image for larger version

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        Introducing Khadas Edge-V | RK3399 SBC With VIM's Form Factor

        PCB layout of the Edge-V v10. An Edge board with VIM's Form Factor.Hi Everyone!

        So you may be wondering what's going on at Khadas HQ; well we're all really busy developing the Khadas Edge, and it's associated peripherals. We're keeping all of your feedback in mind, including the recent discussion on thermal dissipation. Just so you know we're always listening, here's some answers to the common questions that have cropped up so far:
        Q: What is the Edge-V?
        A: The Edge-V v10 is a VIM-form-factor board equipped with an RK3399 processor. It will be compatible with our current VIM Heatsink, Cooling Fan and DIY Case. This board will act as the development bridge between VIM2 and future Edge products, because the Edge software is also fully compatible with the Edge-V.

        Q: How is the development of the Edge coming along?
        A: At the moment, we're working on Edge v13, and the Edge-V v11. Each SBC that we develop has to go through multiple iterations to ensure quality and reliability - and this process takes time and effort. As you know, we only want the best for our users.

        Q: When will the Edge samples be ready, when will they be sent out?
        A: As part of our Forum Bonus Program, we're ready to send out 4 functional prototypes of the Edge v12 to the top 3 contributors on our forum by this coming Friday, the 14th of September, and 1 for people who share this blog post on Twitter with the hashtag #khadas_edge, and with the most retweets. We look forward to your contributions!

        Q: Besides Edge, what other devices will be included in your Indiegogo Campaign?
        A: Edge is meant to be both hackable and expandable, so it will come with lots of accessories. We're working on the camera, battery, Edge-heatsink, and LCD modules, in addition to the Captain carrier board. In addition, we have 2 stretch goals and 1 special product that will remain a secret for now.

        Q: When will more prototype Edge SBCs be shipped out for developers/reviewers?
        A: 10+ Edge-V v11 samples will be ready for sending out late-September. More Edge v13 and Captain samples will be ready around the same time as well. The Edge-V v11 board will have it's gesture sensor moved to the TP connector, and the TP connector would be put on the backside.

        Q: When do you expect to launch the Indiegogo Campaign?
        A: When we're ready and confident that our product has met the expectations of you guys! Our team is busy revising the Edge many times a month. We want to be sure that we will deliver a product that you will want to use.

        Q: Why did you delay the campaign from end-Sept to mid-Oct?
        A: We decided to delay the Indiegogo campaign because of Edge-V. Originally we had not planned to make the Edge-V. Instead the Edge was meant as an all-new-design. However, due to developer demand, the Edge-V is a bridging product, as it uses the same software as the Edge.

        Q: Will there be any early bird discounts, special products during the Indiegogo Campaign?
        A: Aha yes, we knew you'd want to hear about that! Well we're going to keep it a secret for now, and the only way to know about it is if you subscribe to our email newsletter - so do tell your friends to subscribe!

        Q: How can I be involved in the Edge development process?
        A: You're always welcome to tell us what you intend to use Edge for. In fact, the more you tell us your dreams, the more we can make products that will suit your projects and applications. Head over to our forum to tell us more

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          Information VIa: CNXSOFT

          Shenzhen Wesion had already unveiled their Khadas Edge board that works both as a system-on-module and a standalone SBC thanks to an MXM3 connector on one side, and traditional HDMI and USB ports on the other. The Rockchip RK3399 board will be launched on Indiegogo a little later.

          But the company is working on a few more boards and development kits all based on Rockchip RK3399 or the upcoming RK3399Pro processor with neural processing unit (NPU) for AI workloads acceleration.
          Khadas Edge-V vs Khadas Edge

          Khadas Edge-V (left) vs Khadas Edge (right) – Click to Enlarge
          First we have Khadas Edge-V, very similar to Khadas Edge but with a 40-pin IO header replacing the MXM3 connector, and following Khadas VIM form factor and ports, so for example we get an Ethernet port, instead of a second USB-C port, as well as an extra USB 3.0 port instead of USB 2.0 on Edge.
          Khadas Edge V v -Khadas Edge Ports

          As mentioned in Khadas Edge announcement, the company is also working on Khadas Captain carrier board with MXM3 socket. So we have three options for development, and while AFAIK the company did not release any photos, we now have more details about the features and specifications for Edge, Edge V and Edge + Captain development boards.
          Khadas Edge Boards Comparison

          Click to Enlarge
          Khadas Edge-V and Khadas Edge + Captain will be fully software compatible, and share the same firmware images.

          Khadas PDK mentioned at the end of the comparison table is a “Projector Development Kit” that will work with either Khadas Edge or Edge-V boards, and based on a forum post, the company is also planning to launch an Augmented Reality (AR) development kit, as well as Edge1S board based on RK3399Pro processor, and compatible with the Khadas Captain carrier board. But no details are available for the last three products at this stage.

          The Indiegogo campaign launch is planned around mid-October, instead of September 22nd as mentioned in the forum post. It will also include extra accessories such as camera, battery, Edge heatsink, and LCD modules. Khadas also plans to send early samples to developers, see forum post above for details.

          Khadas Edge-V Cooling Fan

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            More News from the khadas Blog :

            Becoming a reality very soon

            Many of you must be wondering why we haven't launched yet, despite it being October 15th! Our main goal with this campaign is to launch with Edge as ready-as-possible, so we're continuing to do small production runs, testing, and continuing to collect feedback. Above you'll see a video of the Edge's rear-side SMT mounting at the factory!

            The Edge Family. We're still missing the NextC casing for Edge though.
            NextC Case for Edge (RK3399) and Edge 1S (RK3399Pro)

            Here is the NextC case for the Edge SBC! It looks cool doesn't it? Currently still in the prototyping phase, we should have a CNC-machined version of it sometime in the next few days. Below are some renders / pictures for your enjoyment.

            3D render of the NextC case for Edge and Edge 1S (RK3399Pro)
            Our designer's assistant spent several painstaking hours getting that render to look perfect. She's quite amazing, and very determined!

            Early concept drawings from our designer.
            These drawings were actually done on a Samsung tablet. No paper was injured in the process of designing the NextC case.

            Dimensions of the NextC case. It's slimmer than the DIY case!
            Final 3D designs / 2D drawing outputs. These have been sent for machining, so we will get a true-to-life prototype in our hands soon.

            Gouwa talking to our designer over some coffee and 3d printed thing-a-majics.
            You can clearly see the DIY case on the lower-left, and a 3d printed model of the NextC case on the upper-right. The NextC case is *half* the thickness of the DIY case.
            Edge Heatsink & Fan

            The NextC case will come with a ultra-quiet Japanese cooling fan, and it also has a taller heatsink. If you're observant, you'll notice that the Edge heatsink has taller fins than the VIM heatsink. We're still running thermal performance tests, hopefully we can share them with you soon!

            Cooling fan & heat sink securely mounted onto the Edge.
            Remember this YouTube video, yes? The only thing you'll hear is the air-noise, whooshing through; fan noise is non-existent (to my ears at least). We dislike fan noise as much as you do, so we hope we've got this issue completely solved now.

            Khadas Captain V11, Gestures + M.2 Slot (NVMe SSD) + Li-Po Battery

            Okay some new awesome photographs of the Khadas Captain board. Remember it's supposed to be a companion board to the Edge and Edge-1S, right?

            Khadas Captain with Edge, Li-Po Battery and NVMe SSD connected.
            It has an M.2 slot (PCI-E) so you can plug an SSD to it, a gesture sensor for advanced HCI (human computer interface), and a built-in charging circuit for a Li-Po battery - fans of gaming rejoice!

            APDS-9960 Advanced Gesture Detection Module.
            Dual Cameras For Edge-V and Captain

            Both Edge-V and Captain will be able to connect to dual 13 MegaPixel cameras for stereoscopic vision. This will be useful for facial recognition, machine vision, augmented reality, etc.

            We've designed 2 slots for 2 cameras into Edge V + Captain
            Accessory Recap

            Okay so we're almost to the end of this blog post, just a quick photograph to recap all the accessories we have on hand so far:

            Again, we're missing the NextC casing, mostly everything else is there though.
            1. NextC Casing
            2. Captain Carrier Board
            3. LCD Touchscreen
            4. Edge IO (GPIO extension board for Edge)
            5. 13 MegaPixel Camera
            6. Lithium Polymer Battery
            7. Edge Heatsink
            8. Edge Cooling Fan
            We should add specifications for all these accessories into our homepage soon. So Much Power...In So Little Space

            Remember, all this stuff is being fitted to a single board computer, that's no bigger than a credit card. Really amazing!

            Don't worry, the credit card isn't real.
            What You Can Do To Help

            We've got our pre-launch page setup on, do help us spread the word to tell more Makers, Hackers and Developers about the Edge and to come and support our campaign by entering their email address.

            Khadas Edge pre-launch page on
            Here's the pre-launch link ( to share on social media, you can use the hashtag #khadas_edge on Facebook and Twitter, and our social media guy will take notice!
            Additionally, if you have any feedback, you can contact us at [email protected] or use any of the forms on the page. Thank you for your attention, and lets make this project a success!
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              Khadas Edge | Rockchip RK3399 & RK3399Pro SBC Single Board Computer Family with Outstanding Performance for AI and Deep-learning.

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                Should be happen sometime TODAY going live
                Click image for larger version

Name:	trMEIsG.png
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ID:	750850

                Khadas Edge, RK3399Pro Hackable & Expandable SBC
                Very Soon Khadas Edge Project will be found on Indiegogo.

                If this Interests you, like to tinker, then this would be for you.

                Feast your eyes on what it has to offer

                The Edge Family

                Edge V and VIM

                Edge and Captain

                All Docked ready to Go

                Add a Battery and Screen

                You have a Mini Tablet or gaming Console

                Connect expansion boards via the FPC-A or B connectors on the bottom

                Fan to keep the Cool

                Groovey Casing

                This is what its all about

                More Details

                Khadas has full support of their projects at

                A lot more than just changing Backgrounds and Launchers
                All happens at your own pace with lots to see, learn and discover.
                Get involved, you know you want to, why because its there.
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                  4K video of the Edge + Captain + 3705 Cooling Fan + Heatsink, running Ubuntu at 1080P and 4K, watching YouTube!

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                    Well i just want to get mine.. to start doing some stuff for it


                      Edge and accessories starting to look pretty good. The housing(case) for the Edge V looks great with that heatsink fan combo.

                      Been a while since I have been this enthusiastic about a new device.
                      Some excellent developers, twisting the knobs and dials, will bode well for the Edge and Edge V. And most of these devs are right here in the Freaktab neighborhood. Life is good.
                      Something for everybody.


                        Khadas Edge, RK3399Pro Hackable & Expandable SBC

                        Now Live on Indiegogo

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                          Khadas Edge rkk3399:

                          Lets have a look:

                          The Box and some of the Bits

                          The Edge:

                          I will just for this up soon Bolt it to the Bench and let it Rip:


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                            Khadas Edge, RK3399 Hackable & Expandable SBC

                            Well let's not wait let's have a look at this Naked Beast and see what it can do

                            Firstly I added some plastic standoff under PCB to avoid any flash Bang
                            Then a USB powered fan with some smaller stand plastic standoff to keep the cool for now.

                            Fired up and away we go

                            Quick to boot Android 8.1.0, Tablet version
                            Basic as this is and being the first release it's what I expected, many to follow i feel
                            Superceleron has one of these, so expect some Hot Roms down the track
                            Balbes150 I believe is also in the mix, more goodies plus countless others, fun times ahead
                            May take a little while, but many players in this field

                            Now is the time to get it from Indiegogo just the base unit is all you need
                            Case Fan heat sink power supply etc, and you will have a very swish RK3399 unit...
                            Only need the rest (captain etc) if you are going into some hard core stuff and Developing.

                            As mentioned Running Oreo 8.1.0
                            We have Root
                            Upper and Lower Task Notification bar
                            And a simple clean rom, the rest is up to the user

                            I will run a few test/benchmark as I normally do with Android apps.
                            Just to give an Idea of how it goes, how compatible or true the Benchmark is show is always subjective.
                            So use as a guide, I think this will be pretty darn fine.

                            On with a bit of Show and Tell

                            UI basic does the job with ease

                            System Info

                            Root access

                            Installed Apps

                            Ethernet Connection

                            WiFi Connection ( Hmm forgot to plug antennae)



                            SD Card Test

                            I noticed first test a bit up and down,
                            Hmm downloading while test running.

                            Ram and Storage Truth



                            Will be adding as it happens...this could be fun..

                            Khadas Edge, RK3399Pro Hackable & Expandable SBC

                            Now Live on Indiegogo

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                              Ye... just got mine today so some good stuff will come in a near future