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A95X p212 amlogic S905 bricked red light Riga Telenet ASTBM1A

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    A95X p212 amlogic S905 bricked red light Riga Telenet ASTBM1A

    Hi, guys!

    Here is my android tv box from local internet and tv provider Telenet here in Riga, Latvia.
    It comes with shitty setup, custom firmware specifically for the purpose of IPTV. No freedom to install additional apps.

    So I decided to play hard with it and finally got it completely bricked! ow well
    But before I bricked it I was successful to install "TX5pro-p212-ota-20160813" rom on it.

    Basically i found out the following data about this box.

    hardware = Amlogic
    modelgroup = S905
    board = p212
    model=astb-m1a (a unique name - not a single hit on google)

    ram = 1GB
    internal memory 8G
    cpu = 4core

    First, the recovery mode brings up nothing more than "ADB sideload" option with no reset, install from zip, or anything avail.
    USB Burning tool on my WIN764bit installed but device not recognized!
    I was able to install new rom with a micro sd card and these 3 files on it. Booted in recovery mode with seret button pressed.


    So far so good, however I guess the russian language bootloader stayed unchanged, "Загрузка" flashing while boot
    The new android from the A95X version 6.0.1 was successfully installed.

    Then I wanted to push it further and finally bricked it!

    Now I need your help!!!!!
    The red led flash is constantly on, no reset button helps. Nothing on screen too, obviously.

    There seems to be method of short circuting something on the board, but I cannot find any decent tip off for that!