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Freelander PD800 RileyROM 1.0 [Feedback]

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    Originally posted by rrileypm View Post
    No problem.

    There are numerous causes for freezes. Freelander isn't real good about updating their firmware. It's possible there is a conflict going on with some app you installed. Or it could be something you were doing at the time it froze. Was the charger plugged in? Try to think of what combination of things going on at the time. We're you using Bluetooth and wifi at the same time?

    I think the problem maybe the case that covers the tablet. I think the cover is a little tight, and when it moves around, it may have press the button(s) accidentally, and caused it to freeze. That's all I can think of at this point.

    Let's hope this one will last... And thanks for your help! I am sure I will ask you a lot more questions in the future! Really appreciated it!


      That's what we are here for.

      BTW, if you run across a firmware update from Freelander, let me know and send me a link. It's about time for an updated RileyROM.
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