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what are the differences? Tx6, x96q, t95, tanix

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    what are the differences? Tx6, x96q, t95, tanix

    I'm super lost and need some guidance.

    does the T and X in x96q, t95/Tx6 stand for tanix or what? is that all from the same company?

    >Yeah I saw that, and as bad as the Allwinner H616 turned out to be, I'm guessing this will be even worse.
    >The "Run Score" must be from Antutu Benchmark, no surprise it doubles the rest because it can run the full graphics test matrix with OpenGL ES 3.2 and the other chipsets can't.

    does that mean I should get a device with Amlogic S905X3?

    what should I get if I want to run x264, avc1, 1080 pixels / 720 pixels, 4000-9000 kb/s
    and hevc x265, 1080p, 2000 kb/s

    what is the difference t96z x96q
    difference between t96z x96q
    what is the difference tx6 x96q
    difference between tx6 x96q

    If a device doesn't have a brand name, they are usually junk, but even some of the brand name are just ODM companies, meaning they pay an actual OEM to make the device and slap their marketing name on it.

    Tanix is a marketing name for the OEM that is Oranth.

    Would not recommend anybody buying TX6, X96Q, T95, or Tanix, these devices may be cheaper than name brand devices; but if you are going to be using the device everyday is better to spend a fraction more to get a device that is name brand and has after sales support in some form.