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Linux Images for S802 S805 S812 S905 S905X S912 (SD USB eMMC)

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    Linux Images for S802 S805 S812 S905 S905X S912 (SD USB eMMC)

    This Thread is here for posts of SD images for Amlogic devices that Boot directly into Linux from sd Card.

    Special Thanks to balbes150 for all his work in this area

    This is for Any Amlogic SD card Image for any Distro that is Confirmed Working.

    As this is the Start of this Thread the Images will be listed in this manor.

    905 - Linux (Distro) Known devices working on
    Link to image.
    Link to original Thread (If one is present)

    The Thread will be Closed. If anyone has a working Image please let any of us know and we will repost it to this Thread. This will allow members that do not have skills or ablity to make them to still be able to use them.

    If the image does not work and you have questions then post in the original posted area.This will just be a link to working known images and devices.

    As well it should provide a fast link to anyone looking for working image for a specific device.

    Please message Me/Blues/Blink/Trebor If you see any Image that should be added.

    I will add Ugoos images and one we know already in the next few days.

    trebor/Blink/Blues/balbes150/All Moderators and Devs your all welcome to add to the list at anytime as well.

    The Freaktab Team.

    ****************************************** Manual run Systems ******************************************

    Now all images Armbian and LE has all the files for activate the multi-boot. Anything in addition to download and copy to media is not required.

    How to run these images on the Amlogic platform .

    1. Download the image for your device
    2. Unpack
    3. Burn the image on the medium
    4. Configure in the file (uEnv.txt) launch parameters for the desired platform and model (uncomment the desired lines and comment out or delete unused ones)

    If universal multi-upload has not yet been activated on this device, you need to activate it once. There are several options for activating multi-loading.

    option A

    - Connect the prepared media to the device and turn on the power, boot into Android
    - Open the app "Update&Backup"
    - Click on "Select" local update and chose the file on the removable media aml_autoscript.zip
    - Start "Update"
    - System will reboot twice and start running the system from external media.

    option B

    - try using the "toothpick method"

    7-10 minutes on the monitor not to receive any messages on system startup. Need to pick up the option for the file system will run. Pay attention, after you add\change the dtb file, you need to try to run the system and waiting to run 7-10 minutes. If not happened, repeat with a different dtb file.

    Attention !!!! On models with S802 S805 S812. Activation multi-boot is possible ONLY with SD card (activation of the USB stick is NOT WORKING). After a one-time activation procedure is multi-boot, run a variety of systems is possible from ANY storage media (SD cards and USB storage devices).

    Info and link download for Armbian


    info and link download for LibreELEC


    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******
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    Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.

    The images of several variants of Linux for Amlogic S905 S905X S912.


    Links to topics where you can clarify the information, discuss and ask questions about these images.



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      Linux for Amlogic S805

      Files to activate the multi-boot platform S805.


      Images Linux to S805.


      The theme with a discussion of the use of Linux on the S805.



        Linux for Amlogic S802 \ S812




          New and more correct version of the Gentoo image. This version was originally collected with the support of the features of Gentoo. The author of the Assembly Nofan Tasi.

          User "user" password "1",
          the password for the root - "1234".

          Details and discussion.



          New image Gentoo S905 S905X S912

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            Quick instructions to enable multi-boot on platforms S802 S805 S812 S912 S905 S905X



              Test version (20170303) for install to eMMC

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                Updated version Armbian 5.27 for the


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                  Updated version Armbian 5.27 for the




                    Armbian 20170531 kernel 3.14 for S812

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                      The new version of images Armbian 20170815 to S805.



                        Armbian v 5.32 for S805 S812 S9xxx


                          Armbian 5.32_20170828 kernel 4.12.9 (dir Test) In this way there is support for USB on the platform S905X. You can run the system from SD cards and USB flash drives. Changed the activation system monitor, now it is built into the kernel itself. To change the screen resolution, you need to use standard tools from control monitor on a desktop. The resolution changes on the fly (directly on desktop). Not working yet WiFi. There are problems with the dtb files (requires the edit and debug under different models). For s905x recommend to use a file meson-gxl-s905x-nexbox-a95x or meson-gxl-s905x-khadas-vim1. For the model s905 - meson-gxbb-odroidc2.


                            Added to the website image from ArchLinux to S812. The procedure for the use of this image standard.
                            The password for the user

                            login root
                            password root

                            the common user of

                            login alarm
                            password alarm

                            This image is assembled on the basis of shared files "rootfs" for the platform ARMv7.


                            The theme for questions and discussion



                              Update image Armbian Server and Desktop XFCE Debian 9 (Stretch) 20171104