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MK808b+ Bootloader Mode?

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    MK808b+ Bootloader Mode?

    I just purchased this device and I am looking to backup its current condition unmolested lol ... Current ROM is 111k4 ... Normally for my phone I'd just use ADB Reboot Bootloader and then Fastboot Boot ImageRecoveryName.img to upload to the phone instead of installing the custom recovery and of course backup from there ...

    When I try this with the MK808B+ it just reboots back to normal mode, as if this is not supported? I did some reading and see some things about u-boot but I am still confused and need a few questions answered. I also tried using the pin hole on the device to boot into flash mode but I did not feel any clicking or movement of a micro-switch inside the unit and I did not want to force it or open the new device.

    1) Assuming drivers are working OK, is there anyway to put this in bootloader mode from ADB?
    2) Is there anyway to interrupt u-boot to reach the command line if the ROM uses u-boot?
    3) I am still waiting for my SDCard to arrive and if I then put the customrecoveryimage.img to its root, will it load by itself from SDCard or is that feature only something somebody had added to a custom rom?

    Thank for any and all help!

    Download twrp recovery for amlogic s805
    Put it on the root of sdcard formated to fat32 and rename to recovery.img

    Put tye card inside the mk808b plus and conect the power while holding reset button.
    It qill boot the recovery from sd instead of the one in nand.

    If you dont know where the reset button is just google it.
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      Thanks lewy20041, I'm going to see if I can make the hole a little bigger as I'm getting no indication from inserting a pin that anything is being pressed and as soon as I get my card I will try your method, I already have twrp downloaded for this model so again thanks for directions.

      Take care

      I made the hole a little bigger and was able to press the switch OK
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        Your method works but I am still having a problems, on all three televisions I tried TWRP resolutions and graphics was all messed up and overlapped and flickered when the mouse was moved. Changing themes and of different resolutions didn't help either ...

        Ok, I discovered setting the display options in the system itself also affects TWRP's resolution, Turned of HDMI-Auto Detect and set mode to 720p under display, works a charm
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