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S812 M8 REV1.1 Currently Bricked

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    S812 M8 REV1.1 Currently Bricked

    Hi All,

    Hopefully one of you lovely people can help me identify and point me to the firmware file I need to fix this thing up.

    I forced flashed a version of S905 on the unit after trying and failing to get for probably 10 hours to get 10+ different versions of S905 on there via multiple methods. The unit had the following specs listed when I brought the unit 18 odd months ago.

    Key Features and Product Specification:
    Product: OTT TV Box Model X96
    CPU: Amlogic S905W Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 @2GHz
    GPU: Penta-core Mali-450MP GPU @ 750MHz
    OS: Android 7.1.2 Nougat
    ROM: 16 GB EMMC Flash
    RAM: 2 GB DDR3
    USB: USB2 x 2
    Video Output: HDMI
    Power Supply: Standard AU/NZ 5V @ 2A
    Video Resolution: 4K x 2K Ultra HD (UHD) and 3D-HD
    Network: built-in Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 10/100M Ethernet Port

    I was so happy when I finally managed to get something on there but that happiness was short lived as when I rebooted I only have the red light.

    I can still access the unit via the USB burning tool but not via recovery or SD card boot. I tried for a couple of hours to get firmware back on there but had no luck at all so decided to open the unit up so I could compare the board to pics in varies forum posts. You can imagine my happiness when I discovered it is only an Amlogic S812, 2/8GB, GPU only running 450Mhz blah blah but at least I now knew why all the flashing attempts were failing so badly.

    Ive now spent another 10 odd hours reading forum posts and trying different firmwares, versions of USB burning tool, options in USB burning tool etc but once again no luck. Basically all the firmware files fail between 90-96% complete when writing from USB Burning tool. Multiple different errors mainly dependent on version of the tool it seems but always around that percentage.

    I hate it that this crappy thing has beaten me and forced me to ask others for help but someone please help me!

    See the date under the heat sink.....
    you cant see it all 05/ 21 something..that is crittical to finding factory firmware
    try to find out the year before may 21st
    flip the board over and see whats thr for wifi chip etc...

    when all else fails see page 8 thread by dankec 10,000 plus views
    keep reading keep trying
    ive had more success with SD bootcard Maker and Matricom u-boot bin file
    and the Matricom ROM is alright also
    In the home screen/launcher/ therr is option to boot to recovery.....
    This is most excellent option can load OTA files on a flash drive or Twrp ..etc
    Brick and unbrick
    also right above your post see section knowledge and tutorials


      Hey thanks for the reply.

      Full date code 15/05/21.

      The wifi has eluded currently as I have not managed to find any chip with anything close to the 2 different chips I see everyone else talking about (BCM4335 or AP6330 i think) It was showing my 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radios when working if that helps narrow it down. Ive added a pic showing the back of the board.

      Unfortunately the second half of your post doesn't help as like I said in my post I cannot boot from USB or SD, cannot access recovery anymore, no home screen/launcher etc, no access to TWRP anymore my only option is USB Burning Tool. Thats why Im hopeful someone recognizes this board and is like 'Hey heres the factory firmware file for this'


        Your welcome
        Looks like a clone and a bad one at that
        specs dont match the board/pics
        2015 may 21 with sysytem on a chip SoC S812 running nougat 7.1.2......
        7.1.0..wasnt even released till summer 2016...

        Stick with M8s M8S Plus files
        Just because USB burning tool recognizes the device doesnt mean thats your only way to recover
        Try Amlogic burn card Maker and Burn the image to SD Card
        One more thing in the first pic under the date see the small chip with what looks like a crab with its claws raised.......
        thrs a hint should read as RTL.....