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Minix Neo T5 Google Android Certified

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    Minix Neo T5 Google Android Certified

    Minix Neo T5 Google Android Certified

    AMLogic S905X2
    ARM A53 Quad Core 1.8GHz
    ARM Mali-G31 MP2
    2GB of DDR3
    16GB of eMMC 5.1 Flash
    Google Certified - Android TV Pie 9.0 inc. Chromecasting & legit DRM
    Dolby Audio Licensed
    WiFi - Dual-band, Wi-Fi supports 2x2 MIMO 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    Bluetooth 4.2
    Gigabit Ethernet
    1 x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
    HDMI 2.1
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    FYI, they are not the OEM for this Neo T5, it's SDMC, who already sold quite a few certified models to operators and brands.

    That's basically almost the same design as an Ematic Jetstream (exact same ports placement) but with an S905X2, more storage and few other details.
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      Good to know.

    SDMC makes quality products. So no worry there. Kind of like buying a Beelink, you know the hardware will be decent. With SDMC 's experience making Amlogic "Google Certified Devices" the firmware should be decent as well.

    What I don't like is Price, regular price $85 usd, when Mecool KM3 is $69 with same Google Certified Android 9.0 Pie OS
    - NeoT5 has only 2GB Ram + 16GB Storage, Mecool KM3 has 4GB/64GB
    - NeoT5 doesn't come standard with Voice Remote, Mecool KM3 does provide one
    - NeoT5 doesn't have NETFLIX licensing support, SDMC makes other boxes with Netflix support
    - NeoT5 releases with S905x2 when S905x3 chipped boxes are starting to be released.
    - The one 'Pro' for the NeoT5 is the Gigabit Ethernet port, where Mecool only has 100MB ethernet, besides that the Mecool KM3 looks to be the better purchase still.


      Once confirmed this box is certified for Netflix, then i think this is really worth buying instead of mecool km3


        Minix Neo T5 Google Android Certified

        Available at all good Box Shops
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          Today we can have a closer look at the
          Minix Neo T5 Google Certified Android 9 Amlogic 905x2 Dual WiFi Gig lan BT4.2

          The Box:

          In the Box: A power plug for all regions

          Optional: sold separately: Voice or Non Voice Remote with illuminated keyboard on the Flip Side;

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            Now we can strip things down and have a look at the insides:

            Remove the base:
            Weight block Insulated you could put thermal pad id things got hot

            Out with the PCB:

            Ceramic Heat Sink:

            Ports to be seen:

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              Lets have a looks see at the OS and some basic tests
              Click image for larger version  Name:	v0EWjid.png Views:	0 Size:	96.2 KB ID:	790466

              To get things started being ATV Android 9 Certified
              Much the same as all other certified boxes, it has to be to get certified I the layout, apps and all are fairly tied down to a point

              You can sideload others with Aptoide APK Mirror etc, to get around most apps you cant find

              We don't have root, as expected being certified

              Startup is a very Google Certified Unit and works well, to login in, with phone or remote.
              Wifi and Ethernet is also as you would expect excellent.

              Stock remote does the job with ease,
              As the optional Neo A3 wireless remote with built in keyboard even better works very well and that squirrel mouse as they call it
              if you're into small keyboards (phone smasher) excellent device

              Fund a few of the usual testing apps I use run sideways, and it this stage Antutu will not run, going to be a permission thing I feel. minor nothing really

              Lets have look see
              But be warned once you seen ATV on Android 9, it does become much the same.



              SD Cardtest:


              Net Speed:




              All the usual Plex and Youtube all good on these certified Units the only thing that is a miss is Netflix at this stage,
              Minix Neo T5 performs as it should and only a few quirks, apps manly testers running sideway,
              Good clean rom and Speedy enough, Chromecast working, Great WiFi and Ethernet looks ok.

              Note sure why Minix did not Jump to the 905x3 and maybe more ram, just ponderings.
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