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YOKA KB2 PRO Android 6.0 TV Box 3GB DDR4 + 32GB eMMC

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    YOKA KB2 PRO Android 6.0 TV Box 3GB DDR4 + 32GB eMMC

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi I am new to this forum. Has anyone tried this box yet? I've just purchased this box, specs are pretty good compared to others. I have M9S Leelbox and it's not bad. Giving it away to my friend and got this one for me. I also purchased Alfawise S92 incase this is no good, reviews were great. I was looking at Alfawise H96 pro+ as well but decided to go with this one.


      It's the same as Vorke Z1: same device "BB2_PRO" and same parameters.
      I have Vorke Z1 - and very happy with this.


        Thanks for reply. Have you ran any benchmarks on it to see if DDR4 makes a difference?


          I received the box yesterday and it runs really well. WIFI speeds are amazing, no need for wired now. Benchmarks with Antutu was around 42000. No green flashes. Kodi was version 17 which i probably will remove, I like version 16 better. I am going to try connecting my wireless xbox controller see if it works, only thing I can not get working yet. Alfawise s92 box was good as well, it was similar to M9S box.


            M9S pro had new firmware that fixed the green flashes and wireless Xbox controller connectivity. Also it worked fine with me yoka kb2 pro box, by far my favorite box ever.


              Thanks To Gearbest today we can have a look at the Yoka KB2PRO S912 3/32GB DDR, Gig Lan, Dual WiFi

              Typical Packing

              Whats in the box


              Underside and View of Ram Samsung

              Top Side View with Lid


              Wifi Chip

              Ethernet Chip

              Base Plate

              SO what we have Is Pretty much the same as other of these Make and Breed except we have the DDR4 Ram so there will be a slight improvement but nothing MInd Blowing

              More to Come
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                Now for a look at How things are running on the Yoka KB2PRO S912 3/32GB DDR, Gig Lan, Dual WiFi

                All fired up and ready to, much the same UI and other Yoka Media Players.
                No Junk in the Trunk and unit does have root.
                Testing both WiFi and Ethernet speeds Good at this location.
                App store all good and loaded the usual testers in Quick time.
                This Is usually a good test point click a tonne of apps on Google play and see how they load and how the box handles it all to easy with this DDR4 ram.

                Temps SO far testing Good idle Low 50c, under the punp low~Mid 60c so about average for this type of unit.
                No Mod has been done as yet.


                Apps Installed


                Couple of added feature good to see:

                Turn off the Boot Animation if it annoys.

                DRM Info:

                Ram Truth:

                Storage Truth:

                A1 Ram Benchtest Good Speeds/timings:

                Vellemo Benmchmark:


                CPU Z Information:

                Easy to see performance so far pretty good and no major problems every thing pretty smooth
                Some Netflix and Local Plex testing all easy and good for this type of Media Player.


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                  So far this box is awesome, had no issues whatsoever. I'm glad got this box!


                    Hello i just did a factory reset and now the box is stuck in startup logo i need the KB2 PRO. Firmware but i just found here the firmware for regular kb2

                    Thank you


                      Did you try pulling power cable out and wait a min then plug it back in. Also I find if plug USB hub and turn it on, it freezes at main screen as well.


                        Yes i leave the box unplug all night and no usb connected just power and hdmi


                          Why play store you tube not working



                            I have a qbox, but i have bluetooth+wifi chip km63352102, so my wifi dont working on qbox, because another chip. Yokq KB2 Pro has a same chip, but it ends with 11 and not 02 as by me. Are this chips compatible? Can i use the a wifi drivers of yoka with my qbox? man Thanks


                              Is this the same device as the Mecool BB2 Pro?

                              If not, can you please point me to the differences?