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M8S Pro L 16gb remote problems

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    M8S Pro L 16gb remote problems

    Hi everyone,

    First post new to forum. Had a couple of other boxes, but I have an issue with my current box. The version that I have does not have the LB or the voice remote. I do have an ambolove 2.4 ghz keyboard dongle in 1 sub slot. The problem that I am having is that the IR remote only works intermetently. It will work sometimes and not all of the time. Sometimes if I unplug the box for a couple minutes and plug back in it will work for a couple minutes and stop again. Sometimes it happens right after boot up so I don't believe it is a heat issue necessarily. I have contacted the seller where I purchase the box . they've agreed to send a new remote. I have also tried unplugging the keyboard dongle. Sometimes it works but then it will just stop. Do you guys think it's a problem with the remote? Or do you think it could be the IR sensor Inside the Box? Thanks for any help and glad to be a part of the forum.

    Welcome to. I'm just gonna bump this topic, because i have issues with that remote as well - although an entirely different issue.

    See, i have both a KM8 P and an M8S Pro L, which came with the same IR remote - the black one with grey and blue buttons. On both boxes, regardless of if i'm using a VS firmware or a Magendanz firmware, i have some really strange behaviour with that remote.

    If i press "left" on the blue navigation ring between 10 and 20 times in a row, the boxes do a graceful shutdown. Pressing "left" on a keyboard or a gamepad do as expected, it is only the remote that does this.

    Now, what makes it do a thing like that?


      I ended up getting sent the Yoka TV KB2 (not the pro version with 3G Ddr 3). Much better box and remote. I will consider buying the pro version I like the one I have so well. Even the seller said the 16gb version of that box is sketchy. Apparently the bluetooth voice remote is a better performer.

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        I'm using the Android TV Remote app on my phone for the M8S for now (it does voice commands too). Just bugs me with that left key thing on the IR, cos it's nice and handy to have one remote for two boxes.

        Glad you got a trade-in - probably a shoddy IR receiver or something similar.