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Khadas VIM 3 Amlogic A311D

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    Khadas VIM 3 Amlogic A311D

    Thanks to the Khadas Vim team today we can have a look at the New Vim3 A311D (922x on steroids so to speak)
    A311D has 5.0 tops neural engine so its better for the AI stuff.

    From Google:
    A neural processor or a neural processing unit (NPU) is a microprocessor that specializes in the acceleration of machine learning algorithms, typically by operating on predictive models such as artificial neural networks (ANNs) or random forests (RFs).

    So if OK Google or Alexa got hold of this look out

    For those that are New to this type of device.
    Its rather all easy and nothing to be concerned about

    This is a Media player in its Raw/New state and you can do many more things with it if you so desire.
    From Android, to Linux, to LibreELEC and others, just up to your imagination.
    Don't be put of by the Raw state it appears in bits

    Its a PCB, put in a box and its then it becomes a media player, with a few more trix, piece of cake.

    Does all the same features as a Media player, Remote, HDMI, WiFi Ethernet Ram CPU etc etc
    As I mentioned don't be put off, its all the same, maybe better

    So lets have a look see at what we have and put it all together
    Being a Kit form type of thing you will miss the boring Brown box and bubble wrap packaging

    But the actual small black box the PCB is kinda Groovy.

    Whats in the Box

    What we have: All the Bits nearly just waiting for the fan then it will be real Kooler

    Case and Heatsink

    Top Side:
    802.11ac WiFi 5 & Bluetooth 5.0

    Bottom Side:
    M.2 socket for NVMe SSD that will make it zip along and other interesting sockets:

    Fit Thermal Pad: Avoid covering 1R0: heat sink will ride up a little

    Placed in Case: Snug fit WiFi and BT antenna

    All Nice and snug as a bug in a rug

    On with the Lid:

    Ports to be seen:

    Buttons On the Side:

    Power Supply:

    Currently installed with Android 9 first Rom can be a ruff around the edges, updates will be about soon,
    I also feel Superceleron may stick his talent also into one of these. Speculation only.

    More as it happens

    Lots of info can be found on Freaktab and more at

    Discussion for the VIM 3 can be found at Freaktab:

    Also more information just to keep it real, currently VIM3 ROMs
    The updating of new ROMs will be very soon as the Installed Rom is not the Final release more on this, Also Ubuntu 18.04

    Besides Android Pie and Ubuntu, VIM3 will support more OS by 3rd-party devlopers/team like:
    LibreELEC: Instructions for VIM3

    VIM3 Webpage:
    VIM3 Documentation:
    Khadas Github:
    Khadas Fenix: One-stop script set to build Ubuntu/Debian images
    New Accessories for VIM3: M2X Extension Board
    Interesting & Maker-friendly features which is important for developers but peaple might ignore
    Khadas TST: Enter upgrade even when the boot loader is damaged, just press the function key 3 times within 2 seconds.
    Khadas KBI:

    A311D(VIM3) with excellent performance then other SoC like RK3399 and BCM2711B0(Rpi 4B):

    Lots happening
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    ETA Prime has a good video worth a share I thought

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      For those that may be interested:

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        All Alloy Case for the VIM 3 in for a bit of a show and tell more soon

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          KKSB Khadas VIM3 Case – Machined Aluminum with Built-in Heatsink

          Lets do the change over

          To add to the Story behind the KKSB case not to shabby at all, Like it
          Does the Job , and easy to install
          No Great problems seen here with Wifi or Temperatures.

          There is room in the alloy case now you can just lay WiFi and BT antenna any place as you dont have the fan in the way.
          As you can see Below only a slight dropp in signals

          Temperature is well with in the Fan and Heat Sink range,
          So silent...No wir to worry about, like it

          As mentioned goes together easy,
          Fit the Buttons,
          Place thermal pad on CPU and Ram
          Lay the Box in Buttons first, Piece of cake also as mentioned Antennae can lay closer to gpio would be best.

          Nice unit looks sleek,, no cover over the gpio header maybe a plastic clipin cover would have been sweet.
          Also there is 2 cutouts in the under/base of case for mounting,
          Just be careful not to short out componenet on PCB with screws if installing.

          Thanks to KSSB for the item for show and tell

          Standard Vim Case

          After one hour

          Metal Case

          After 1 Hour

          After 2 Hours

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            After using the box for a few days, junning a SC droid rom
            All working out very well, no problem seen with USB cable or others coming loosewhen moved
            They’re all snug as a bug in a rug

            No problems found here with WiFi, heat or temperatures, cool as a cucumber
            I also like the ease of using or getting to the buttons on the side good solid feel,

            Silver, Sleek, and Silent
            KKSB CasesKKSB Khadas VIM3 Case – Machined Aluminum with Built-in Heatsink

            This is a machined aluminum case that fits with Khadas VIM3. The KKSB Khadas VIM3 Case has a built-in heatsink.
            The case has a cutout on top to access the GPIO Header. The base of the case features 4 rubber buttons for stability on different...
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