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Ethernet + Wifi at same time

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    Ethernet + Wifi at same time

    I have ordered an android TVBox, and while its on its way to home.....

    As the Box has Giga-ethernet connection, and it will be next to the router, Im willing to connect it directly.
    I had just installed on my phone the google TV remote, and i have seen that it looks the android tvbox in the same wifi.

    "Android TV and this device need to be on the same Wi-Fi network"

    I havent seen in any android device a double "interface" (wifi+ethernet) simulteneous.

    Any way to have them both working at same time?
    Will i have to use wifi only if i want to use the google remote???
    Will it work if both devices are in the same "network" whatever the connectivity?
    Any alternatives?

    (im advancing problems.... maybe all runs smoothly , but i guess that i still need a couple or three days to get the BOX it and test this)


    What type box is it?
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