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IMPORTANT - Flashing issues with some USB ports!

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    IMPORTANT - Flashing issues with some USB ports!

    OK, I just discovered something today while helping a guy.

    His PC only had USB 3.0 ports. He could put the unit into flash but the PC would never see the device and the flash tool would never say "found USB MASS Storage" at the bottom of the flash tool or it would never say "Found Rock USB Loader" if he put it into flash mode manually with the reset button.

    So I had him do this and it worked!

    In my ROM kit is a file called settings.ini
    Open it with a text editor and change this:


    Turn it on by changing the 0 to a 1 like this:


    Save the file.
    No close and open the flash tool again.

    So if you are having these problems, try this fix.

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    Powered hubs & usb3.0

    Thanks Finless!

    I am newbie and just got my first mk808.
    just now trying to learn about the parameters so i can build an efficient system from the stick.
    It seems the OTG port and it's handler is the entire key to efficiency of the SOC.

    I've got a Plugable 7 powered hub on the way and must review everything I can find until i understand how the ADP, SRP, & HNP are accomplished and even IF the stick will deal with super speed usb to best advantage... not-with-standing that it is backwards compatible...

    I have seen where you prefer the ethernet connection over wifi, and I understand why, yet I would like to know which hub device you advise, as this is most critical in a system.

    Where to look for best info on usb parameters??? ...from intro, to progressing study



      I don't understand where I find that file


        thank you very much for this solution !


          Thanks finless worked for me.


            Thanks Buddy ! really helpful =)




                Thanks a lot!