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Usual Ubuntu/Debian on rk3066 Device (MK808, MK802IIIs)

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    Usual Ubuntu/Debian on rk3066 Device (MK808, MK802IIIs)

    Hey Guys,

    i hope you can help me with my issue. The past days i have tried to install usual Ubuntu or Debian on my MK808 (with rk3066 CPU an rk901 chipset), i tried to install it on the microSD. I searched for some good tutorials on the net, but almost every tutorial i found had some links included that were down, so i could not get the right files etc. pp.

    I found out that i basically have to do 2 things: Install a Kernel and put a rootfs on the SD Card. So i thought i could do it like the following way:
    1. Take Gallands Kernel from and flash it to Recovery Partition using RK Tool / Android Tool v 2.1
    2. put Ubuntu rootfs on microSD from: (The one called ubuntu-base-16.04.2-base-armhf.tar.gz)

    But that only gets me the following screen:

    Somehow it says unknown partition table. Then close to the end it succeeds to mount it (mounted filesystem with ordered data mode) and the it gets a kernel-panic and shuts down.

    I formatted the SD with ext4 and labeled the partition linuxroot.

    I also did it with linaro the way Galland described it here: but that gave me the error: Missing /etc/machine-id and /etc is mounted read-only

    I didnt want to use Picuntu because i wanted normal ubuntu or debian and i wanted to do it myself and not just flash something
    I took the armhf image/rootfs because the rk3066 is a ARMv7 CPU, and that is "armhf" right?

    I appreciate every help. Maybe i am totally on the wrong way and you could lead me to the right path Maybe i am doing some bad mistakes on the fundamental things. Just dont blame me, i am a n00b and totally new to Linux etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help guys.
    - R89
    error message

    Great work! Can you make please for RK3188?