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    FWIW if there are still people using this box, just wanted to share that I've upgraded it painlessly to Windows 10 using the Media Creator "Upgrade this PC" method. No license key asked for, it went mostly smooth. It took 4-5 hours altogether. I had made about 10 Gb of internal storage free before the upgrade.

    I've just had a "something has gone wrong" during the very last phases of the upgrade, something to do with the settings. I've hit "Try again" and it has moved along.
    All my apps were there, only some settings lost like my e-mail accounts ( and Gmail).
    After deleting the old Windows installation, the net storage cost of the upgrade is in the whereabouts of 2 Gb.
    I had done a Macrium Reflect image of the flash disk before the upgrade just in case, using a standalone boot USB drive created in the application. Not sure whether I would have been able to successfully restore it though, lots of partitions completely foreign to Macrium in there. I won't try anyway.

    EDIT : well, one small issue actually. The Dual O/S Switcher app misbehaves under W10, asking me whether I want to switch to the other O/S every time I open my Windows session. No, it's nowhere in the autostart locations so my guess is that's the service installed by this application doing this. After looking for an update to this app without sucess (all versions floating around seem to be from 2015) I've simply uninstalled it. One can still hit <ESC> when powering the box on and go to the boot manager to choose O/S. This choice sticks at next boot.
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