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Run Android 9 Pie on your PC with Android-x86 9.0

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    Run Android 9 Pie on your PC with Android-x86 9.0

    Run Android 9 Pie on your PC with Android-x86 9.0

    Google’s Android operating system may be designed for smartphones, tablets, and TVs. But the folks at the Android-x86 project have been packaging up the open source version this mobile OS and turning it into a desktop operating system for years.

    Today the latest stable release is out — Android-x86 9.0 is designed to let you run Android 9 Pie on a desktop, laptop, or tablet with an Intel or AMD processor.

    In addition to bringing Android 9 features including updated apps, APIs, and UI elements, this PC-based build includes:
    • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit x86 processors
    • Hardware-accelerated graphics with support for OpenGL ES 3.x on Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs, as well as experimental Vulkan graphics support
    • An optional Taskbar launcher (although you can use a stock Android-style launcher as well)

    Supported hardware includes WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, camera, audio, and multitouch input.

    You can install the operating system like any GNU/Linux distribution — or even run it as a LiveCD, which lets you boot into Android without installing it. I took the operating system for a brief spin in VirtualBox today to grab the screenshot above — but I did have to follow the instructions in the Android-x86 documentation in order to boot a live image in a virtual machine.

    While Android-x86 development tends to lag behind Google’s release schedule by a year or two (Android 11 is already coming this year), the latest stable release of this Android-for-PC operating system comes just a little more than a year after the first stable release of Android-x86 8.1.

    But if you’re itching to run Android 10 on a PC, there are options. Bliss OS 12 is an Android 10-based operating system for PCs with x86 chips, and after releasing alpha builds a few months ago, the developers of Bliss OS have moved the latest builds to beta status.


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    Ive been wanting to try this, i have an older Acer laptop thats about ready for the recycle bin.

    My problem is, what are the minimum speeds it can run on?

    Its an older windows XP machine i believe celeron duo core. Travel mate 4220 i believe its only 1,7gig with 2 gig of ram

    If i could just get it to run Asphalt 8 with a controller i wouldnt even mind if it was a wired controller


      The machine im on now is a Intel 2830 2.1G 4gig memory, but i have a couple other machines one with an AMD and an ATI video then an I3 with 16 gigs of memory


        Its quite a good OS ( BlissOs/android x86) .. if it runs on supported hardware
        The really good is that you can run it...from a livebootcd or liveUsb boot-disk (for testing purpose)

        But if gpu hardware doesnt work...uhmf
        Also note: on some laptops it works/installs but the fan's run at 100% ( no powersave support )
        If android x86 is not compatible with your cpu/ can tell.. by the keyb lights flashing on boot

        Alternative try Fyde OS... its chrome OS based with support for android apps

        I volunteer at kringloop.. and sometimes I OS or ChromeOs on old pc hardware
        note..On youtube 'eta prime' has install guides
        like this week.. a bunch of wetab / chrome casts / minix / dell workstations / thinclients...came in
        - Less e-wast - give old pc another chance.. ol that


          Interesting thing, learned a lot for yourself!