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accelerated video / video processor (VPU) running on linux on RK3288 / firefly

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    Originally posted by youbainiao View Post
    MAC_L1,For you mentioned"Therefore I now added a libvpu compat part to libhybris that is basically a proxy direct to the androids libvpu/librkon2 from rockchip so giving me direct access to low-level decoding and encoding api. Advantage is that no android services need to be started in linux."
    I want to know where can I download and how to use it?Can you give me a demo it?
    He has links and info here.


      hi MAC_L1,where can I download you use android SDK,I use rk3288_r-box_android4.4.2_sdk(firefly) and replace the lib in /system/lib,but not normal.


        Support android5.1?


          Originally posted by youbainiao View Post
          hi MAC_L1,where can I download you use android SDK,I use rk3288_r-box_android4.4.2_sdk(firefly) and replace the lib in /system/lib,but not normal.
          Hi youbainiao
          I use the same SDK from firefly. But it needs to be patched quite a bit to get libhybris working. To get some feeling: http://linux-rockchip.info/mw/index.php?title=LibHybris for RK3188; for RK3288 other, similar patches are needed. And for libmedia support even more patches needed.
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            Originally posted by youbainiao View Post
            Support android5.1?
            I have made machybris for fireprime based on 5.1 SDK. It needed even more patches to get it working. However, firefly's 5.1 has low resolution (720p) so didnt bother to put effort in this.
            Will make new 5.1 version based on radxa rock2 5.1 SDK if this one support 1080p or higher.
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              hi MAC_L1,I follow the instructions: http://wiki.t-firefly.com/index.php/...droid/en,check out source via:
              tar xf /path/to/firefly-rk3288_android4.4_git_20141211.tar.gz
              git reset --hard
              git remote add bitbucket https://bitbucket.org/T-Firefly/firefly-rk3288.git
              git pull bitbucket master:master
              cd bionic wget http://wklej.org/id/1308620/dl/ -O bionic_libhybris.patch
              patch -p1 < bionic_libhybris.patch
              mkdir libc/hybris
              wget http://wklej.org/id/1308661/dl -O libc/hybris/libdsyscalls.c
              remove libdsyscalls.c first line

              cd firefly-rk3288/kernel
              make firefly-rk3288_defconfig
              make -j8 firefly-rk3288.img

              cd sdk
              make -j8

              cp out/target/product/rk3288/system/lib/* to my board,run test,but glCompileShader fail,I do not know what is missing.

              can you give me the download link you use firefly android4.4.2?
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                hi youbainiau,
                please look at one of my first posts in this thread, to memeka: http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-...738#post498738, post #23, and the attachments i added to it
                it is not enough to copy only the .so files, but you also need to mount the whole system.img generated by building patched android to /system
                you can strip it later when fine-tuning.
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                  hi,MAC_L1,thank you,patch and I copy gralloc.rk30board.so to gralloc.default.so than resolve this problem.


                    hi,MAC_L1, Now I have encountered a new problem, with your hybris library to achieve the call OpenGL function, when I'm on the side to download and draw(Multi thread is obvious), I found that swap buffer of OpenGL will affect the download failed, I'm not sure where there are conflicts caused by.


                      I will help you bring it to an end.
                      I got back here and I see that since then nothing has changed.
                      My answer is the start of sdl2 attempt, in 2013, sdl2 + gave me a little smoother HD playback.
                      and CPU consumption of only 10% that is the problerm with X11 and the lack of software for the VPU.
                      In 2013, we did a kernel module for HW acelerating only thing missing is support from the VLC, MPlayer and the like.



                      my old account =taki-arm


                      how I was doing EXPERYMENT with video + driver 'mall' is not understood community of developers that this is time related.

                      sdl2 itself gives full hd indirectly, without the aid of x11

                      the problem lies in the x11 server does not provide what can the program.

                      x11 blocking what we can achieve.

                      The Ubuntu community because she wanted a new graphical server xMIR which will be not dependent on the old dependence.

                      and what we have today, nothing, we are in the shit.

                      So do not be afraid and knock out of this shit, and let us all or VPU support.
                      And who was that I wanted the '

                      we all live under the pressure of a prohibited cod and so really the prohibited uses of our code
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                        On Ugoos homepage I see: "Video Encoder: H.264, H.265, VP8, MVC(1080P)"
                        How can I use the H.265 Encoding? Can I use this with the x265


                          I am sorry to open this old topic, but I would like to get the encoder on RK3288 working. I already got it working with gstreamer-rochchip (https://github.com/rockchip-linux/gstreamer-rockchip) libraries, but the encoded video has really high bitrate and I need the bitrate to be lower. For example source video bitrate is 2Mbps, but the encoded video bitrate is 12Mbps and the video quality is very similar. What is the lowest bitrate that is possible to encode with machybris? I installed machybris through the install script, but when I run test_vpu as decoder with h264 stream on input I got error "init vpu api context fail, ret: 0xFFFFFC16" and error code -105. How can I get it working?
                          Thank you


                            Thanks for sharing it. The KODI performs very well on the firefly-rk3288 board. Can install on Firefly RK3399?