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Debian on rk3229 is it possible?

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    Debian on rk3229 is it possible?

    Hello friends!
    I have a TV player based on RK3229 (model mk809iv)
    I wanted to run debian on him.
    I already got root access and unlocked the bootloader.
    I wanted to try booting linux from an sd card but ...
    My problem is that I can not get it to boot from an SD card. It is left with the black screen with any sd card in the reader. I suppose it will be a limitation on the bootloader.

    The other option would be to flash a rom with linux, but I do not know which one can go well for my device.
    Any suggestions or ideas?

    Thank you


    Asked him to rockchip, if it was going to liberate source code of rk3229 and this one was his response.
    " Rockchip kernel 4.4 and U-Boot on github has already support RK3229, you can use it. It's able to get into shell, but not support display and graphic now, they will comes later. "


      I do not see this happening on the terrible chip.
      Hope I am wrong.
      Might make it worth while using.


        thanks friends for your answers. anyway i broke my mini pc.
        After unlocking the bootloader I uploaded a wrong boot.img and I have no way to reconnect.
        then I buy a raspbian pi and I am very happy.



          So the RK3328 has Support for Linux.
          I think it will be possible to bring Linux to that Chip.
          Also, Rockchip brings all to Open Source.



            Hello, I'm following this interesting 3ad since I own a bunch of rk3229 based tvboxes.
            Found this project and I believe the core "should " work even on a tvbox but unfortunately the board is not even booting with NONE of prebuild images

            Is anyone capable of booting linux on rk3229 ?

            I'm not interested in video/iptv stuff but would like to have a hedless linux running on this chip


              fabiobassa any news? i need linux running on this chip too.


                Jimmylamz unfortunately yet no infos how to boot and run Linux on those

                Keep waiting


                  fabiobassa update * i found respeaker core 2 desktop working. rk3229 . here is the links.



                  i tested sd card image works great.


                  Finally i found some useful of $15 boxes i own.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	rk3229.jpg
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                    I already had that link and the problem is some implementation of the watchdog and internal emmc recognizing on my board.

                    On my board exactly after 30 seconds happens a kernel hang , as I see from uart connected

                    Please could you say me if you see the internal emmc maybe wih lsblk and EXACTLY what board and model have you?

                    ty so much


                      my board OTTO MXQ MX4N v02. it wont detect internal emmc also.

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Well we have same environment , such as quick mask rom enabler and also some board !

                        The problem in not recognizing the internal emmc is the BOOT LOADER compiled from respeaker , I am trying to mix down original bootloader with linux kernel and roots but still tweaking



                          are you sure that the board is working for long time ? or after 30 seconds hangs ?


                            yes . without kernel hang. i installed Xfce LXDE no problem. audio works.

                            are you sure your board is working ok on android? might be hardware problem.

                            im trying to compile kernel from respeaker git. still cant figure it out howto decompress source code bz2 file with out error.


                              hello @Jimmylamz, very good morning

                              What do you mean
                              without kernel hang
                              , can be more precise ?

                              Anyway yes my board is working with Android and also with other kernels and rootfs compiled from other studies

                              I don't know if cross posting is allowed but take a look at this big, big, big work of mr. Justin Swartz.

                              the problem actually is just cloning into internal emmc becuase actually it isn't recognized by loader

                              HTML Code: