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Libreelec for rk3328

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      I have seen the dtb developments on armbian forum, and it seems that on board wifi and on board bluetooth for moment cannot work with any dtb.

      i have choosed the right dtb in extlinux.conf, HDMI sound not work with your image balbes150, i have tried the dtb contained in your image and hexdumb dtb. HDMI sound not work anyway on my device.

      With the official libre elec generic image for RK3328 from official site: HDMI sound work but wifi usb dongle not work.

      The final problem is this: usb wifi dongle work with your images but not work with official libre elec image; need if possible an image that working with wifi usb dongle but also with HDMI sound.


        Version 20191116. Fixed missing eMMC menu for system backup and installation in eMMC.

        Show the contents of "extlinux.conf" and how do you set up the DTB. The official image and mine use the same kernel and the DTBS in them are the same (in my kernel the DTB list is expanded, additional DTBS are added).


          Update version 20191117 (kernel 4 and 5).
          Changes to the backup\restore and install scripts in eMMC. Now the eMMC installation works for the MX10 model (and others where the eMMC name differs from the standard ones). Checked the install LE in the eMMC on the MX10. After installation LE to eMMC (update u-boot from eMMC), any oters the system starts directly from USB and you can start all systems from USB media (no SD card required).

          Installation in eMMC works well for all rk33xx TV boxes. To do this, the system has special menu items in the settings (menu eMMC). I pay attention, before installation in eMMC it is necessary to make a full backup of eMMC (for this purpose there are also special items in the menu). The process of creating a copy can take up to 20-30 minutes (depending on the speed of the eMMC and the media from which the LE starts). After the backup and installation is complete, the system itself shuts down.

          If the system does not start from eMMC after you first run the installation in eMMC, you must one more time run install the installation in eMMC.
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            Click image for larger version  Name:	extlinux.PNG Views:	12 Size:	10.4 KB ID:	789791

            **UPDATE** HDMI SOUND: work on your image,i used last aarch64 image.before now it didn't work I can't explain why, I'm using the default dtb

            Why latest 9.80 images kernel 4 and 5 from yandex doesn'start on my h96 max+,? On Yandex there are only arm images that giving me a black screen, but i see that start from usb light.
            aarch64 9.1 versions on your Mega work,but are not updated images.
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              Originally posted by Digit97 View Post
              Why latest 9.80 images kernel 4 and 5 from yandex doesn'start on my h96 max+,?
              Because your model's hardware may not work with the new u-boot-2019. You will have to manually, after writing the old image to the Sd card, replace all files with new ones (from new images), or manually transfer the u-boot from the old system to the new image.


                the situation is a bit difficult to explain for me I have 2 problems.

                If with the last available image of LE aarch64 I select the mx10 database; the HDMI audio works but the system does not remain bootable from the sd card alone, but requires the USB / SD boot, even after the first boot: it does not remain installed on the sd card.

                I would like it to remain on the sd card because the option install on emmc does not work on my h96 max + even doing erase flash with android tool.

                If i use the t9 database HDMI audio not work but the system result automatically bootable from only the sd after first boot.

                second problem;updating: I used balena etcher to write the last LE aarch64 image(old usb stick).
                i written with balena etcher the new arm image on new usb stick, then I moved all the files present on the stick to the old aarch64 usb stick. It doesn't work or I don't understand

                **UPDATE_1** First problem solved, choosing rk3328-box-trn9-rc-24k.dtb HDMI audio working and the system remain installed for boot from sd only.

                **UPDATE_2**Second problem solved, copy : [KERNEL, KERNEL.md5, SYSTEM, SYSTEM.md5,extlinux.conf] from new usb to old usb
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                  After attempts I managed to achieve this kind of configuration for h96 max +.

                  HDMI audio: works

                  Wifi USB dongle: works

                  Power LED that changes color depending on the on / off status: now it works

                  IR remote control: works
                  (process not explained here)

                  Lan, bluetooth USB dongle: works
                  (but these worked even earlier)

                  CEC: not tested

                  The problems encountered:

                  easyb dtb file that support the led and ir remote: not working with balbes150 images: the system starts but stays locked on the logo, I think it's for not compatible u-boot , but easyb dtb works with the official generic image 9.1.

                  usb wifi dongle: does not work with the official generic image 9.1 but it works with balbes150 images. I' think there are missing drivers in official generic image.

                  The solutions: in order to make the easyb dtb file work, but also the usb wifi dongle; I had to use part of the official generic image 9.1 and part of the balbes150 aarch64 9.1 image, I used this procedure:

                  I have only taken and copied these files from the last relase LE 9.1 aarch64 of balbes150 : [KERNEL, KERNEL.md5, SYSTEM, SYSTEM.md5,extlinux.conf]
                  replacing these files with those present in the usb stick and sd card where I had written the generic official image 9.1 of LE, so we are using the system the balbes150 system but keeping the original uboot (at least I think)
                  then I selected the easyb dtb in extlinux.conf, the system starts and everything works.I hope that the procedure is quite clear despite my problems with my english .

                  I know the process is ragtag but it works. The only thing that doesn't work is the LE repository, balbes150 please if you have a solution, I ask you to help me.

                  Now that I have succeeded in my intent I want to make a guide to help noob users like me, balbes150 do you know a way to transform my configuration into an flashable .img file in order to make the process easier for other users? I want to thank you, and I will thank you and others in the credits of my guide.

                  Now libre elec repository work, i'm taking: [KERNEL, KERNEL.md5, SYSTEM, SYSTEM.md5,extlinux.conf] from 9.80 2019_11_14 LE kernel 4 image by balbes.

                  I know that what I wrote looks confused, (and i am a little bit confused ahahah), I'm not a pro like you and I went to try and try and error with the files I had,
                  taking the u-boot from generic offcial image 9.1,system from 9.80 kernel 4 image by balbes150 and dtb file by easyb.

                  Them and finally getting a working configuration for H96 max+ , I will clearly explain the steps in my guide. I really thank you.
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                        Libreelec Version 20191125 kernel 5.
                        Fixes HW decoding.
                        Images rk3328 and r3399 are universal, when starting from USB media images are interchangeable (the only difference is used for the image u-boot and UART console output settings). Tar archives for updating are also universal.

                        Note that the new generic images now use a single download directory.



                          New image Libreelec KODI-19
                          kernel 4 (20191127)
                          kernel 5 (20191130)


                            Add new image 20191210 kernel 4 and 5

                            Please check the operation of different codecs on rk3328 in the latest 20191210 images with kernel 5.


                              New version 20191219 for rk33xx based on kernel 5.5.


                                The new version of the LE 20191224 on the website, with kernel 5.5 and KODI-19 for rk3328.
                                Test MX10 and MVR9 - work.