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H96 MAX Rk3566 4/32GB or 8/64GB Dual Wifi BT4.0 USB3.0 Gig Lan Google Voice Youtube Rockchip Android 11 Smart TV Box

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    I guess this is a job for the 4pda guys .... .

    the source code is the same , it comes from rockchip , I extracted from their android image binaries and through adb shell and mounted secard ( and root ) the worked on the box ...

    it’s just a matter of getting the board dtbs from original box firmware and compare ... I think. ... it’s just a configuration file for each box ... I wish I had the time to dig in ....


      Rockchip 4K video player extracted from source , if you want to check if hdr work with this one

      I don’t have here an hdr display so can’t check ... but the player works on my box Rk4kVideoPlayer.apk


        Click image for larger version  Name:	1FEBF550-5F36-4F64-8E35-F7ADDB550CF2.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	73.2 KB ID:	825393Click image for larger version  Name:	78E839FD-1C9A-4B69-8CE2-85F0D50755C7.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	43.6 KB ID:	825392Click image for larger version  Name:	D1ACC91D-2B34-4661-88C3-71B95D8D01E1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	58.3 KB ID:	825391Click image for larger version  Name:	08F33665-62D6-4D9C-A313-1B5DDB0D44E7.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	74.9 KB ID:	825390

        HDR WORKS !!!!

        only webm files downloaded from YouTube worked and using media center app , or video player I posted here

        as you can see ... before opening video ..go says no hdr ...

        after open a video .. tv shows hdr in both 4K and 1080p tests

        update : checked also hvec 10bit hdr and also played in hdr

        weird mp4 hdr downloaded from YouTube didn’t work but one from a torrent worked
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          Anyone have H96 Max working at 4k60?

          Was the rumour true a faulty connection prevented it from working on some early boxes?


            RK boxes always problematic
            this new RK3566 are same story

            nobody knows whats going on,OTA another story even Root and lot of BUGs too
            when we check here those RK3566 Boxes can not sale easly!

            mo123 always warned and its true


              I don’t think the problem is “rk boxes “

              the problem is the factory that supplies the software in it ...

              the android supplied on my box , is rooted , and that works ok ....

              HDR , 4k60p ... actually works using the legacy player (media center ) which is using full hardware acceleration

              i took the kdplayer apk from a different rk3566 box firmware and installed it because it includes pvr , so now I can even watch IPTV from kodi tv menu

              Rkmc doesn’t include pvr and most Addons cannot be installed

              rkmc / kdplayer , are not using full hardware acceleration it looks they took the amlogic version and loaded it on the box

              in other hand .. these are new , just being released , and we all know Chinese don’t bother to qa , first they sell then they fix

              If any of these boxes had the android source posted , we could add the specific hardware api to vlc ‘ kodi ‘ and other open source apps to include hardware fully acceleration

              there is even a ffmpeg for rockchip (which is used by vlc / kodi as core before compilation )


                Another thing you could try...under "developer options"
                There was a option enable native driver for playback ( if i remember correctly )
                I enable it for smart youtube tv app...it does something ( as there a white strip on top )
                But my monitor doesn't do hdr

                Anyway...great conduct research...Trigu75


                  well,all of these for "PRO" users not normal/regular users!

                  and look at the RK3566 thread;as how many ppl hv bought this boxes
                  and you will see mostly complaints

                  we known that whats was happened on RK3399 time!
                  10 or 12 "brand" RK3399 boxes and none of them was OK
                  Softwares,firmwares,nothing OTA etc etc just nothing being for a long time

                  In fact,if y'r PRO level user then buy it otherwise keep away or go to buy 905X4(at least less headche!)
                  or pay more ang get it Shield


                    new update released

                    update (20210705): https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...V94e65sk6ZxdRO
                    Full: https://mega.nz/folder/e7RAgLYa#IGBvoObfm_HVgc_sUmdSJQ


                      Just installed the update... Thanks for sharing
                      It works

                      I do wish we had a "change log"
                      Anyone seen..any changes? If yes report it


                        @ mitchell4you
                        Can you describe the steps, how did you installed the update?



                          I used the update zip

                          Download zip place on usb stick (needs to be fat formated usb ) ( ntfs doesn't work )
                          place usb in usb port reboot...then you get a popup " update found...install ? yes or no "
                          Then its a waiting game...took like 15min


                            is it to be only "FAT" or is it FAT32 possible?


                              Originally posted by Mahdisj View Post
                              On MEGA,there is two .img file and which one to be installed or both??


                                Originally posted by Trigu75 View Post
                                Real 4k(UHD)60fps [3840x2160 / 60p] on h96max rk3566?

                                show resolution settings (Settings - Screen - Resolution) and firmware version