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NEOCM10 Version 1.25

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    NEOCM10 Version 1.25

    Hello Everybody,

    So here is the Update of NEOCM10 to Version 1.25

    This is a CM10 a.k.a Jelly Bean Rom Build from Source.
    The Rom has CWM Recovery.

    If You will you can Donate to me for a New Tab. Thx
    Paypal Adress [email protected]


    - Google Chrome Working !!
    - Init.d Support
    - Speed Up Tweaks
    - Battery Symbol Change

    Nova Launcher
    Google Talk
    Google Mail
    Google Now

    -SD Card Fix
    -Volume Control on the Navbar
    -Video Player

    Not Working:
    You Tell Me


    1.: Download the ROM here -> NEOCM10 1.25

    1a: Different Kernel for some Rk2918 Tablets

    No Mirrors Please !!

    2.: Unpack it

    3.: Change to RKAndroid_v1.29

    4.: Run "RKAndroidTool" as Admin

    5.: Check Loader and Press EraseIDB

    6.: Uncheck Loader and Press Run (For CP Resitive Owners change the Kernel to the Kernel Image for the Childpad Resitive)

    7.: When Finishd the ROM will Restart in the CWM Recovery

    8.: Reboot Now

    9.: Starting Up wait 5 Min and Reboot Again

    10.: Have Fun
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    NEOCM10 v1.25


    I am using the version 1 on my 9 g2; This version 1.25 will work on a 9g2, changing the kernel?



      AW: NEOCM10 Version 1.25

      Yes it Will Work. You Must Change the Kernel & the DPI in build.prob.

      Then all will work. Google Chrome also Work.

      Kind Regards

      Gesendet von meinem HTC HD2


        Thank you very much for your hard work. I still am unsure about which version to download. I got the childpad that can only do one click on the touchscreen. So I would only need the first download link (and there the file ) ?


        edit: Ok i always confuse the two so since i cannot like zoom in on images with gestures i have RESISTIVE

        Charging the childpad now and then trying it out^^ Will report back.


          AW: NEOCM10 Version 1.25

          OK try it when it work. When your touchscreen not work Download the Kernel for the Child pad Resistive.

          On the Flashing change the Kernel you have Download from . I have the Child Pad also and it work and running I can say its the fastest JB ROM.

          Send from me.


            Thanks neomode. Cant seem to get it to work this time. I installed before.

            Now when I connect the childpad to computer and its OFF and i press reset, rkandroid tool will detect the device even tho the message keeps flashing, and it will give an error on EraseIDB.

            Tried two different cables both dont seem to work.

            edit: Damn i didnt run it as admin maybe thats why will retry


              AW: NEOCM10 Version 1.25

              I make it so. Turn the Tablet of, Press Reset and Power on by i doing so the Tablet are Connectet to PC. When you doing right the RKFlash Util show Tablet found. Than Erase IDB then run.


              Gesendet von meinem A210 mit Tapatalk 2


                Ok danke yes it flashed its now

                Have the Cyanogen circle now on screen =) Thanks !!

                Touchscreen dont work I have flashed:

                ? 3.02 MB 12 0 2012-09-28 08:50:30
                Description: Kernel for Childpad Resitive

                But touchscreen still dont work (

                erased idb again and flashing once more according to instructions but with changed kernel (from

                eDIT: hehe its working after re-flash with that file thankyou very much !!!!

                suppose tho it needs some calibrating? when i want to reboot and hit ok it will always hit cancel.
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                  AW: NEOCM10 Version 1.25

                  Kein Problem viel Spass.


                  Send from ICONIA A210


                    the touchpad is mirrored with this. like when i get it to open a keyboard, the keys in the middle will work like tgb but if i press for example top left Q it will actually do BACKSPACE.

                    i cant find an option to calibrate the screen , also not thru root explorer a way to force a re-calibration
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                      AW: NEOCM10 Version 1.25

                      Ok so i will need to extract the screen calibration programm from the Original Firmware this can take some Time.


                      Send from ICONIA A210


                        thanks rainer. maybe this will work:


                        but there doesnt seem to be a file explorer to start it from an sdcard?

                        root explorer is in chinese so i am not sure if it can start apk files actually? it doesnt show that file on the sdcard folder.


                          AW: NEOCM10 Version 1.25

                          OK I make a Update Packed for you so you can flash it over CWM.

                          Send from me.


                            NEOCM10 Version 1.25

                            Originally posted by neomode View Post
                            Ok so i will need to extract the screen calibration programm from the Original Firmware this can take some Time.


                            Send from ICONIA A210
                            For some reason whenever I had to recalibrate the touch screen, I have had to reflash to the original firmware to accomplish the task. Even going to later ROM's with that still had the Apk wouldn't work.

                            SK had to remove it from later versions because we had problems getting into endless loops of calibration screens after boot.

                            I'm sharing this, because there is definitely a devil inside that Apk for some reason.
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                              Re: NEOCM10 Version 1.25

                              correction Bob did it
                              but with a whole new android rom the aosp 4.0.4
                              but I added many tweaks and apps to this rom

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