Let's find out together! I'm a tech newbie so it's hard for me to tell...

Small miracle this thing still works after I manhandled it trying to get the case open before realizing there were screws underneath its little stuck-on rubber feet.

I would also like to know what the weird brown smudge marks are on the top. Are they from overheating?

Honestly, I've had this thing for most of a year, and after I managed to break out of its default launcher, install Unlauncher from F-Droid instead, and update from Android 7 to Android 9, it's actually worked pretty well for daily TV use. Unfortunately now apps like Hulu no longer support it.

So, how can I spoof the device's identity? Should I and how do I also update to Android 10? Are there better custom ROMs for this device? What is the best way to root?

Thanks in advance.

ARCHIVED **** LISTING --- https://archive.ph/iWuMM

BOARD PICS --- https://ibb.co/0fDjY8Q + https://ibb.co/GktBP0J