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    Hi, getting error 403 on download. Any chance someone can re-upload this rom. Thanks.


      Originally posted by Spanner_ View Post
      1) Thanks for the ROM! I have just revived an ancient hudl with it and it's working very well.

      2) A tip for those in 2018 running Windows 10 x64 - the RockUSBDrivers will not 'just work'.

      To get them to work, I did the following to install the RockUSBDrivers and after that the process works as described at the start of the thread:

      a) Run the .reg file from variant 1 of http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot....p-rockusb.html
      N.B. I wouldn't follow Variant 2 if I were you - some people also experienced OS crashes with Variant 2.

      Here are the contents of the .reg if you want to check it or make your own (or if the download links disappear):

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\usbflags\220700000222]
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\usbflags\220700060222]
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\usbflags\220700100222]
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\usbflags\2207292C0100]
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\usbflags\2207300A0100]
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\usbflags\2207300B0100]
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\usbflags\2207310B0100]

      b) Run the Rockchip Driver Assistant v4.4 (Download available from

      Now do the volume up + reset and you should find the device pop up as a rockchip device within device manager.

      Congrats, you can now proceed to flash your device.

      Hope that helps!
      Which ROM did you flash?


        Originally posted by Tech0308 View Post
        Hi, getting error 403 on download. Any chance someone can re-upload this rom. Thanks.
        same any chance to reupload


          New to the forum


            Where is the rom? Link showing Error 403


              Please can this be Re uploaded I am new to all of this I am getting error 403


                Hi, 1st post.

                I found this site as im trying to breath some new life into an old tesco Hudl 1. The first link i click on (No.1) doesnt work "error 403-forbidden!"

                Is this because im a new user oir is this no longer working? If its not working can anyone point me in another direction, cheers


                  Anybody has an answer about the 403?


                    Hi all please could you put another link on here for the custom rom for the the tesco hudl please as this one is not working thanks newbie



                      - So I found the ROM (The Wayback Machine has an archive of the link in the first post).
                      - I got the RockUSB driver installed correctly on my Win10 box - I see the device (Rockusb device) in device manager and RKAndriodTool.exe correctly says "Found RKAndroid Loader Rock Usb" at the bottom of the main window.

                      But when I hit "Flash ROM" i get errors and the flash fails. This is the contents of the log file:

                      16:45:17 077 Load Setting ok
                      16:45:17 186 900SuperSport ROM Flash Tool - RKAndroidTool v1.3.7.0 Start Run
                      16:45:17 186 Scan thread:9936
                      16:45:17 202 Info:(thread=12968)IoControlProc-->DeviceIoControl In
                      16:45:17 202 Info:(thread=12968)IoControlProc-->DeviceIoControl Out,ret=1,err=183
                      16:45:17 217 Info:(thread=5996)IoControlProc-->DeviceIoControl In
                      16:45:17 217 ProcessID:2072,ThreadID:7808,RefCount:0
                      16:45:17 233 ProcessID:2072,ThreadID:5104,RefCount:0
                      16:45:17 233 ProcessID:2072,ThreadID:10664,RefCount:0
                      16:45:17 249 ProcessID:2072,ThreadID:12488,RefCount:0
                      16:45:17 249 ProcessID:2072,ThreadID:9936,RefCount:0
                      16:45:17 249 ProcessID:2072,ThreadID:12968,RefCount:0
                      16:45:17 323 Info:(thread=5996)IoControlProc-->DeviceIoControl Out,ret=1,err=183
                      16:45:17 323 Info:(thread=9060)IoControlProc-->DeviceIoControl In
                      16:45:17 323 Info:(thread=9060)IoControlProc-->DeviceIoControl Out,ret=1,err=183
                      16:45:21 067 Image Thread Path(\\?\USB#VID_2207&PID_310B#5&372A30E0&0&2#{a5d cbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}),ThreadID=2080
                      16:45:21 083 INFO:Start to run
                      16:45:21 098 INFO:Start to test device
                      16:45:26 115 ERROR:TestUnitReady failed,Errcode(-2)
                      16:45:32 150 ERROR:TestUnitReady failed,Errcode(-2)
                      16:45:38 194 ERROR:TestUnitReady failed,Errcode(-2)
                      16:45:39 225 ERROR:Test device failed
                      16:45:39 241 ERROR:Image Thread Failed
                      16:45:39 256 ERROR:Run failed
                      Any clues as to where I'm going wrong?

                      This is a Hudl 1 that has been recently factory reset, so can't get past the initial install ....

                      Model: Hud; HT7S3
                      Android Version: 4.2.2
                      Kernel Version: 3.0.36+
                      Build number: JDQ39 20140424.153851



                        For those simply trying to revive an old Hudl 1 and get past the 'can't connect to internet' problem, I've written up a way to do this without needing to root or flash the device. The info is here:

                        On my travels to get that far I've collected a lot of the old ROMs and other info. When I get time I'll sort and re-host it all, but in the meantime you can try to PM me and I'll see if I've got what you need.

                        [Oh, and to close my previous post, it turned out that a new USB port was what I needed to be able to flash the device successfully - it seems that the old one was damaged enough to fail the flash, but not enough that the device wouldn't be recognised].