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    Originally posted by I3ordo View Post
    i took some picture before downgrading the box to and7 and here are the build info it had.
    Android Security Patch version:
    5 Feb 2019

    Core version:
    #2 Fri Sep 6 14:50:36 CST 2019

    p281-userdebug 9 PPR1.181005.003 20190907-100856

    either way, is there a place to find roms for it?
    Try this


      Cosmi this link points to post that contain a rom with a date "20190722" which i read to contain multiple wifi-bt combinations. Thank you, i was looking for this. and it will be the next rom that i will try and hope to see a working wifi-bt..

      freddy the date on the pcbof the Tanix box i have has a date "20191017.L4" which is newer than the fw that i am about to install but it s my best shot at this.

      ps:Man the Phoenixsuit program is such a mess, i will be amazed if things go as well as they did last time.

      By installing the 20190722 dated rom, i finally managed to get the wifi and BT working again! Thanks to the generous efforts, i am now back at where i started.

      Now i am wondering if i can find a better version as this build is very sluggish and buggy.
      CPU still @ limited to 1480mhz max and usually 400-800 range
      The mourse cursor does not click where its suppsed to.
      There is always something tickling the CPU or GPU so that i skips that frame here and there.
      The frigging Alice UX and its mind boggling "notification system"
      Besides the CPUz is reporting a miles different hardware than a H6 cpu.

      what would you suggest for this box? should i continue hunting for a better firmware with working wifi-bt?
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        Excellent find I3ordo

        The Date is very important when sourcing Factory Firmware

        It is most common for ROM to predate board
        Unless was released updated same time as production

        Always try to come as close to board as possible.

        3 months difference very good chance that was firmware for you.

        Unless C Gadgets/ or other has closer/exact date

        At least you are up n running !!!!

        Agree Alice UX......

        Needs improvement

        Happy Testing


          Originally posted by I3ordo View Post

          what would you suggest for this box? should i continue hunting for a better firmware with working wifi-bt?
          Try this


            Cosmi Tired the pendoo and something strange happened... it booted with a pendoo logo and start up fine then the wifi got connected , the system info was changed, the android system info was saying x6 pro or something like that, so the new firmware was replaced as expected but every app that i previously installed including tthe wifi password was there. soo did i just do a partial firmware flashing?

            every app and password was still on the box, should they all be wiped while installing the new pendoo version?

            also the pendoo version is no different, and actually worse, youtube was not working correctly, not launching videos, netflix had choppy playback as usual and and the box was still being reported as an arm cpu a5 1.48ghz ...

            gonna revert back to the 20190722 fw from tanix .

            One last effort, i just want to load an android 7.0 fw with "SP6330 wifi/BT combo chip" support. how do we search for such info...?

            Guys, this crappy tanix tx wanna be box is benching like a box from 2008.
            here the geekbench score it gets on a fresh fw from Pendoo fw (LC-X6PRO-4Gddr-20190819) and Tanix Fw (H6_9_4Gddr_20190722)

            however a normal tx6 should score somethin like 4 times more of this

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              Originally posted by I3ordo View Post
              One last effort, i just want to load an android 7.0 fw with "SP6330 wifi/BT combo chip" support. how do we search for such info...?
              Try this

              I don't know if wi-fi will work!!




                  Originally posted by Cosmi View Post
                  Try this

                  I don't know if wi-fi will work!!
                  this is andv9 in portuguese language, no wifi bt for this box


                    Yesterday, i installed these rooms for Tanix Tx6 and added comments to each....
                    20190722-H6_9_4Gddr_20190722 - tanix logo - And9 -working wifi - video very Jerky.img
                    Pendoo_x6_pro_4GB_Allwinner_H6_20190819_AndroidPC - LC-X6PRO-4Gddr-20190819 - working wifi bt - video very jerky.img
                    Transpeed_6K_H6_4_648M_20191118_1809 - and 9 - working wifi bt - video very jerky.img
                    Sunvell_boot_pac kage_fex_mod - and 8.1 - no bt wifi - jerky.img
                    Tanix_TX6-SCV1 - and7 no wifi - jerky.img
                    TX6_release_H6_7.0_20181219 - android 7 - smooth no wifi bt.img
                    TX6_TANIX_H6_7.0_20181222 - and7 no wifi - less jerky.img
                    TANIX-TX6_H6_7.0_20190123 - And 7 - no wifi jerky.img
                    Tanix_H6_4Gddr_8822bs_20190228 - And 9 - no wifi - jerky playback.img
                    Tanix_H6_4Gddr_8822bs_20190323 - and9 no wifi - jerky.img
                    H6_7.0_3Gddr_LAGD_20190718 - no wifi portugese.img
                    As anyone might notice, the box i have performs poorly on adroid 9 and whichever android 7 i was able to find did not support the Wifi/BT chipset i had.

                    Mainly the problem about the box is , it s tendency to skip frames here and there..As if it has a DPC latency issue that we get on windows pc's...



                      Found a rom that works beatufully, everything works as it should.

                      Android 7 fw, custom and clean.
                      It s a t95MAX rom,
                      BT / WIFI works
                      BT can connect to a dualshock 4, normally none of the working fws could pair with that.
                      No frame drops, judder.

                      Downside: System is 3gb ram now but who cares.

                      BTW the place i found rom is at