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MX10 Android 7.1.2 RK3328 4/32GB TV BOX 2.4GHZ WiFi Fast Lan

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    MX10 Android 7.1.2 RK3328 4/32GB TV BOX 2.4GHZ WiFi Fast Lan

    Click image for larger version

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    Runs on Android 7.1.2

    MX10 is at the moment one of the first TV Boxes which runs on Android 7.1.2 an update to Nougat that showcases more ways to express yourself, along with a handful of other sweet features and improvements to stability as well as performance.

    Loaded with Rockchip RK3328

    MX10 is one of the first models that comes equipped with Rockchip RK3328, the latest Rockchip SoC unveiled in the Janurary CES. With the latest RK3328 SoC loaded, MX10 will be able to play 4K videos with H.265, H.264 and VP9 codecs, other than that, it features HDR, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0 to say a few.

    DDR4 4GB RAM, eMMC 32GB

    It boasts DDR4 4GB RAM, and eMMC 32GB, advantageous in performance, security and reliability, ascribing to the eMMC memory, ultimately delivering a richer end-user experience.

    HDMI 2.0 Connector

    You can go directly to let your TV and MX10 TV Box are connected through an HDMI cable and set up your home cinema for the best 4K x 2K UHD multimedia experience.

    True 4K Media Player

    While your average media box might only accept 1080P video playback, this gadget plays just about any 4K sources you could throw at it. Furthermore, it moves out into reality the fantasy of VP9 hardware decoding alongside the H.265.

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    Has a factory root been made?
    Is there somewhere to download the original rom?


      Originally posted by darko150 View Post
      Has a factory root been made?
      Is there somewhere to download the original rom?
      X2 ?

      Trebor, you have Not run this box yet?
      Lot's of features at a now great promo...

      Your impression, input, opinion on rk3228 vs. Amlog s912 please.
      Attracted to RK from the start...cost made me go s905. Now have a s912,
      but kinda like to own this x10. Go, no go? ....why? Thnx.
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      Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?


        Not looked at this model 3328, or any 4gb units in this breed, as yet....
        3328 is a lower powered CPU compared to say 912,

        Alway good to have a couple to fiddle with and compare, as in Rockchip, AML

        But as always,
        Depends on the firmware and support you get when you buy,

        Cheap is OK if you're prepared for not a lot of support, and I don't mean from the seller

        The maker, with updates etc
        As you may have already seen on the forum can be like pulling teeth to get updates..

        If you are up for it and it feels ok Do It.

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          Anyone have one of these yet and care to comment on their impressions??


            Today we can have a close look at the MX10 Android 7.1.2 RK3328 4/32GB TV BOX 2.4GHZ WiFi Fast Lan

            Thanks to

            The Box

            What' in the Box




            Plastic Casing

            Hmm seeing a bit of a pattern here with this 4 GB RK3328 boxes
            More to come
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              Any benchmark tests on this box?


                T...Always great camera work!
                A pics worth a thousand words. ....or thereabouts.
                Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?


                  Let's have a look see at what we have going on here.
                  Another Running a little warm I find and the wifi was not the best at all, ether was fine
                  Temps seen in the Hi 90C often, maybe normal, idle down to 70c

                  Much the same as other RK3328 tested a week or so ago
                  Running 64bit, full 1920 x 1080 viewport, we have root. No Upper or Lower bars


                  UI - 2 bit of old school

                  DRM Info

                  System Info:

                  Fancy Video Adjust:

                  Could not believe temps checked with another app CPU-z would not show, so could be funny business going on.


                  Ram and Storage truth to be sure





                  Geekbench temps running

                  More Info >

                  A1SD Benchmark looks Good

                  Not sure why WiFi so bog could be lack of Antenna and PCB type not correctly connected if connected at all...
                  Heat is there but did not seems to make it Crash or Burn

                  Setup Google and connection was fine, installed apps etc no problems. so it works.
                  I note SU is there, so don't update that binary or you may get a brick

                  And Coupon at Geekbuying may save a buck MX10GKB

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                    Thanks Tre'.
                    Another overheating RK board.


                      Thanks for the review!

                      Can I connect 3 TB and 4 TB external hard drives to the box?


                        Just have it this week, seems stable on 7.1.2 nor other devices like ultimate ,No Bluetooth !! very strange and the speed of internet is lower too..
                        No crush or hanging ,super su updated already , It's very good for the price (had bad experience with both Yundoo and Alfwise) both are not working even..
                        I'm not using Kodi or Netfiks or games! So far so good on Show box and normal Youtube.


                          i also got mine yesterday. i'm actually pretty ok with it - the most annoying thing is that there is no status bar at all, and no top information bar either. I can not even bring them up with Nova launcher - and this is super weird. Anyone has any idea how to get around it?

                          otherwise it works pretty fast, i could use everything on it i wanted so far (i stream videos/movies from my NAS and kids watch Youtube on it), i don't use any netflix or other apps.

                          But there is no way currently to switch between apps, go to the home screen, set the volume, or anything like that.

                          if someone has some ideas please share.


                            Is there any difference between MX10 and MXR Pro? I got a MXR recently...


                              Hai, I got this box from geek buying.. Everything went fine for few weeks.. I saw some android apps updates and just updated.. After the updates, the box just got frozen in boot screen. I tried factory reset as per instruction from blog.geekbuying but it still the same. Can some one help me out..