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    UT3S is excellent firmware for Beelink R89. HDMI passthrough works but SDIF passthrough is not working.


      Originally posted by ssspacman View Post
      UT3S is excellent firmware for Beelink R89. HDMI passthrough works but SDIF passthrough is not working.
      And not switch off Hdmi-cec not work too. And AFR And not start after any changes in resource.img. And resource must be packed in boot.img And TWRP not correct displayed. Does somebody have any idea, how repack this firmware for correct switch off in beelink&tronsmart devices?


      • gefattern
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        Hi , one of the RK Devs shall know that , maybe ???

        greetings / gefattern

      A epic fail with Nougat on my unit, not going to happen.
      Then would not go back to A5, fail format, ibd fail etc

      Left it for a few days.

      Reflashed A5 this day all good.....
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        Originally posted by mo123 View Post

        The UT3S Nougat firmware works great on my HPH RK3288.
        All Ugoos Settings in right menu.
        Latest Google Play Store, Total commander file manager, MediaCenter app.
        Kodi 18 works a breeze, passthrough, auto frame-rate switching.
        I just need to replace the launcher3 tablet version.
        Really impressed how smooth it runs.

        You need to do an EraseFlash then flash the firmware since Nougat uses a different partition layout then Lollipop.
        Hey mo123
        What kodi version works best for this Rom? Thanks
        - ANDROID OS: Android NOUGAT Android 7.1.2
        - Beelink R89: 2 GB RAM 16 GB PCB V3 (AP6335)
        - CUSTOM ROM: HPH NT-V6 RK3288


          Originally posted by el_easy View Post

          Hey mo123
          What kodi version works best for this Rom? Thanks
          You can try any Kodi 18 32-bit arm nightly but before 1 May 2018.
          Some time in May 2018, Kodi added a whitelist setting that completely broke frame-rate switching on a lot of Android devices.
          They merge commits that haven't even been tested on Android.

          There are some bugs in the Ugoos firmware like HDMI CEC and 4K resolution not working
          but overall it runs excellent.

          Some users don't get it flashing, but you must use the included AndroidTool v2.43 and install the DriverTool
          Do EraseFlash before Upgrade.


            Hey mo123. Any news of your based nougat firmware for the rk3288?


              Originally posted by Goxmos View Post
              Hey mo123. Any news of your based nougat firmware for the rk3288?
              It seems the Nougat I use don't have correct lcd support for tv boxes, 4.4 kernel.
              RK3328 uses a 3.10 kernel so can't use that.
              It just boots to a black screen.
              Combining it with the Ugoos firmware also doesn't boot as they use a different sdk with older drivers.
              I don't have time to troubleshoot it now.
              I'll try to see if it's possible to improve the Ugoos firmware somehow.
              I also have Oreo but it needs to connect to RK servers so I can't use it.
              If someone knows how to convert a .repo to git code without connecting to a remote repository, please let me know.


                Very happy with the update! Thanks! I was allready looking for a replacement box for my ut3s. I was getting audio hickups in all the apps I use (netflix,spotify and a radio app) the last time that happened a firmware update did the trick, just like now.

                Took me a while to find the right batchtool, mentioned in the topic. I must say its thorough of the ugoos folks to include it in the download. I was googeling my ass off before I found out it was in the download.

                Netflix,radio and spotify work like a charm, playstore works and that's really nessesary because there are almost no apps preinstalled. No junk, no prob? Well there's still ugoos own settings tab. You still need to go through the ugoos menu to get to the normal android settings, which is anoying but! The interface needs personalisation but it's clean and that's how i like it. Usb stick works,ethernet, audio output via jack and hdmi, mouse, keyboard and flymouse/mini keyboard also work. And it's nice to be able to withdraw ridiculous acces rights from apps.

                Now I need to find out how to stop the keyboard popping up while typing on a real, physical keyboard.

                Conclusion so far: Happy i payed a little more for a brand that at least tries to update once in a while. My Huawei phone is still at 5.1.1 and will never get an update. Hopefully the ugoos will manage another year before new problems appear.


                • mo123
                  mo123 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  To fix the keyboard, install Null Keyboard and set it as the default Input keyboard.

                Allready found "null keyboard" and that works. I must say this Android version is the first in years I don't have to root, I can finally change file permissions. That's all most a reason to replace my phone


                  Hi ,

                  but still no Update or Support from them here , could be much better , but happily we

                  have great Devs like Mo123 & all others , greetings / gefattern


                    hi friends,

                    i confirm that UGOOS / UT3S_4.0.0.b ROM works on my RK 3288 Tronsmart Orion META box.

                    Running the excellent HPH_NT-V6_v1.8a_by_mo123 for almost 2 years i decided today to try this rom.

                    DriverAssitant_v4.5 and AndroidTool v2.43 were the tools. i did not make a LOWER FORMAT prior to EraseFlash.

                    everything is working way faster than ever before. 5.1 sound comes easily with no need to download KODI and play with its ausio settings to get audiopassthrough. Just check SPDIF in android audio settings and use MXplayer.
                    only con is that shutting down the box is not working. it continues to operate so i have to unplug it. not a big deal though.
                    its like i bought a new box.

                    thanks all the community and especially Victor and Mo123