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FTMC Jarvis 16.2.31

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    FTMC Jarvis 16.2.31

    This is the offical FTMC Thread special thanks SuperCeleron for working so Hard on this for all the Freak Tab Members.

    Below are all the Builds and change logs SuperCeleron changes to FTMC. As always latest will be at the top of this post

    FTMC is a fork for Kodi and provides hardware acceleration and more features on rockchip mainstream chips(rk3228, rk3229, rk3229h, rk3288, rk3368, rk3399) and most android version(Android4.4, 5.x, 6.x). In the case of hardware allowed, FTMC supports 4K2K、4K2K 10bit(H264,HEVC),MVC 3D (bluray & mkv), high profile audio passthrough. And also maintain Android 4.4 support for older devices, also maintain a better support for Amlogic S9xx Chips, and preserving the amlogic AMCODEC (only on Android version from 4.4 to 6.x, since in 7.x amlogic removed the support for it)

    Source Code:

    FTMC x86 16.2.31 -> x86 16.2.31

    FTMC Arm General/AML 16.2.31 -> Arm General/AML 16.2.31

    FTMC Arm Rockchip 16.2.31 -> Arm Rockchip 16.2.31

    Fix Some typos
    Compile Fixes
    fixup smb: default to 1
    FIX: [smb] if SMB1, then also weak lanman hash
    CHG: [music db] protect debug spew
    CHG: [keymap] FF/RW to PgDn/PgUp when not in playback
    smbclient: cleanup smbclient configuration
    FIXUP: [windowing] reset fullscreen on resume
    CHG: [droid] bump sdk to 19
    FIX: [depends] disable nettle doc generation
    CHG: implement info announce for UPnP
    ADD: [info] new info announce for when infobools are available
    compatibility with kodi v17 database
    Some little fixes

    FTMC x86 16.2.30 -> x86 16.2.30

    FTMC Arm General/AML 16.2.30 -> Arm General/AML 16.2.30

    FTMC Arm Rockchip 16.2.30 -> Arm Rockchip 16.2.30

    FIXUP: [upnp] inverted conditions
    FIXUP: publish NDK level
    [Fix][Backport]Merge album type and label correctly
    Ignore FORBIDS_EPG_TAG_ON_CREATE timer types when creating a timer info tag via CreateFromEpg()
    [settings] fix crash if "<control type="button" format="file"/>" is used
    Fix MakeShortenPath
    FTPParse.cpp: use std::string
    Fix throttling of Musicbrainz requests.
    [fix][pictures] CID 77607: prevent buffer overflow
    VAAPI: Explicitely don't open for hevc 10 bit. Some distros package systemwide ffmpeg and their users en up with a black screen for that kind of videos.
    Fix "VMSF_DELTA filter in unrar allows arbitrary memory write"
    changed: Default libcurl timeout value to 30
    Update some default addons
    FIX: [droid] native window is always RGBA32
    FIX: [droid] do not lock java gui thread
    FIX: [droid] translate to ascii for sorting
    As droid NDK does support locale, use iconv to translate utf8
    accentuated characters to ascii, e.g รข to a
    FIXUP: custom view - pass DPI
    DBG: touch events
    FIXUP: upnp disable option
    FIXUP: upnp labels
    [RKCodec] fix hdmi auto switch error when 4K 25hz and 30hz

    FTMC x86 16.2.29 -> x86 16.2.29

    FTMC Arm General/AML 16.2.29 -> Arm General/AML 16.2.29

    FTMC Arm Rockchip 16.2.29 -> Arm Rockchip 16.2.29

    FIXUP: [yadif]
    CHG: Enable YADIF for arm
    ADD: ffmpeg deinterlace option + call yadif by its name
    Fix some permissions again...
    Allow moving app to SD Card
    FIX: [GLES;texture] if we have nothing to draw, don't try
    FIX: Handle removable drives for media window title
    Added new icons created by amsantiago
    FTMC x86 16.2.28 -> x86 16.2.28

    FTMC Arm General/AML 16.2.28 -> Arm General/AML 16.2.28

    FTMC Arm Rockchip 16.2.18 -> Arm Rockchip 16.2.28

    Move: Moved from GCC 4.8 to GCC 4.9 as compiler.
    Added: A new set of icons and a new splash ( by tattman65 )
    Added: New background for default skin. ( by tattman65 )
    FIX: Fix error on the connection to the kodi repo.
    Clean&Re-implemented: [filesystem] ZipManager: skip path traversal. ( Zip file exploit fix )
    Reverted: "gcc 4.8 doesn't correctly implement std::regex"
    Reverted: "[filesystem] ZipManager: skip path traversal. (Zip file exploit fix)"
    Reverted: "Added "A Confluence ZEITGEIST" modded by kerenmac" ( sorry m8 was giving lots of problems :( )


    gcc 4.8 doesn't correctly implement std::regex
    [filesystem] ZipManager: skip path traversal. (Zip file exploit fix)
    Fix compile!
    New versioning system
    Bump version
    Added "A Confluence ZEITGEIST" modded by kerenmac

    FTMC General/AML Build 26 -> General/AML Build 26

    FTMC Rockchip Build 26 -> Rockchip Build 26

    [FIX] speedup thumb loading
    Updated some of the default addons!
    [Fix] Disabled by default some RKCodec specific Options
    [Extra] Disabled External Player confirmation dialog. Like this theirs no more need to press 'OK' every time it starts/stops the play of a video file! ( Thks mo123 for the tip ;) )
    [FIX] Use RKAESinkAUDIOTRACK as default audiotrack on Rockchip devices
    [RKcore] Fix Min Android API(19) for usage of RKcodec
    [xbmc] Just a update to the splash logo
    [MediaCodec] Fix videoBuffer video dimensions
    [Fix] Fix compilation & parametrization of binary addons
    [rkcodec]: GetNativeSurface method compatible old firmware
    [xbmc]: change package name to FTMC. (Ftmc now have its own path "org.xbmc.ftmc/files/.ftmc"and can be used with kodi at the same time)
    [bump] Build 26
    [Fix] Minimal API is 19 (Android 4.4)

    FTMC General/AML Build 25 -> General/AML Build 25

    FTMC Rockchip Build 25 -> Rockchip Build 25

    [RKCodec]: Fast speed playback exceeds a certain threshold using seek
    [depends] bump python to 2.7.10
    [depends] adjust python-pil to python2.7
    [depends] remove python2.6
    [python] enable SSL cert validation
    [depends] add python setuptools
    [depends] add native python-2.7
    [depends] bump python to 2.7.11
    [depends] bump python to 2.7.12
    [depends/python27/ios] - fixed compilation for arm64/bitcode and tvos (by disabeling fork, exec and system)
    [depends] python27: backport "no abort" from 2.6
    [droid] bump python to 2.7
    FIX: [python27;droid] re-apply binmodule patch
    [skin] "A Confluence ZEITGEIST" skin from "axbmcuser" added as default, normal confluence still there if anyone wants it!

    FTMC General/AML Build 24 -> General/AML Build 24

    FTMC Rockchip Build 24 -> Rockchip Build 24

    [Android] From now on API 19(KK 4.4) is the minimum to operate FTMC
    FIX: deinit *all* global net vfs on stop
    [RKCodec]: Android7.0 use apk surface mode, rkcodec get surface from apk layout
    [RKCodec]: add RKCodec_Init2 interface for supportsurface decoder
    [RKCodec] RK_CodecEnableSurface function to try load RKCodec_Init2 symbol
    [RKCodec] fix mvc3d switch to 3d can not work
    [RKCodec] fix crash when switch passthrough sometimes
    [RKCodec]: dll loader first try then use, this will help the user change kodi depend lib but not impact mediaserver and local play.
    [RKCodec]: In surface mode, use setVideoViewSurfaceRect to set original surface rect
    [MediaCodec]: Rockchip MediaCodec support H264 10Bitx
    [MediaCodec]: MediaCodec not support VP6, use software decoder
    [RKCodec]: init surface rect as display resolution in surface mode
    [RKCodec]: Add Chinese AVS video decode support only support at RK3328
    [DVDPlayer]: Optimizate audio track switching
    [RKCodec]: set ready status false and clear render updatecallback when stop decoder
    Revert "[rk mpi] init rk mpi decoder base version"
    ADD: [curl] CURL variants of Get/Post/Put
    ADD: [curl] getter for last effective url
    FIX: CLog::MemDump must use const char*
    [Libbluray] Fixed ISO Bluray playback.

    FTMC General/AML Build 23 -> General/AML Build 23

    FTMC Rockchip Build 23 -> Rockchip Build 23

    FIX:[list;cache] Don't clear cache if returning
    ADD: [amc] Implement GetCodecStats
    Reverted: commit "limit directory cache validity to 1h"
    FIX: Custom Pixel Ratio c/p monster
    CHG: set refresh change delay default to 3.0

    FTMC General/AML Build 22 -> General/AML Build 22

    FTMC Rockchip Build 22 -> Rockchip Build 22

    FIX: Confluence Skin
    FIX: Binary Addons
    [RKCodec]: Optimize codec and render performance
    [Setting]: add f4v support
    FIX: Don't loose subs when switching audio
    If subs are off and audio is switched, sub is closed forever
    FIX: Fix issue with "zoomed" GUI in 4K
    FIX: [amc] proper VP6 mime
    Reverted "[GUI] Add solid panel option to Confluence"
    Dont look ok...
    [rkcodec]: enable physical floating HDMI signal(23.976hz, 59.94hz)
    Only enable in rk3328, rk3399
    [FFMpeg]: Extends ColorTransferCharacteristic for support HDR.
    [FFMpeg]: Fix MVC found slice

    FTMC General/AML Build 21 -> General/AML Build 21

    FTMC Rockchip Build 21 -> Rockchip Build 21

    FIX: [droid] do register receiver in start and properly unregister
    [Skin] fix skin setting not support special path
    [audio]: discard sleep after decode frame, sleep may cause some efficiency problem
    [RKAudioTrack]: Get IEC61937 from sdk framework on Nougat
    [stereo]: fix stereo to 2d switch
    [rkcodec]: optimize Audio&Video sync
    [DVDPlayerVideoRK]: Only normal speed use by pass policy
    [Audio&Sync]: set delay default zero, and need m_frame_write larger than get_head_pos
    CHG: limit directory cache validity to 1h
    FIX: Database debug spew on demand only
    ADD: CJNISystemClock::elapsedRealtime
    [rkcodec]: bypass on cache state attempt 5 times
    [mpeg1/2] Default open mpeg1/2 in hardware decode
    FIX: invalidate cache on Media Window init
    [DemuxRK]: MVC data stream need parser
    [Stereo]: fix ui graphicscontext Stereo switch error
    [Setting]: Add .trp video support
    [GUI] Add solid panel option to Confluence (check skin general tab for the setting)
    CHG: Allow to (really) disable upnp altogether

    FTMC Build 20 -> Build 20

    FIX: needs to add Fullscreen to dirty regions for overlays
    Revert: Ignore MEDIA_BUTTON intent received while not playing
    aml: Do not force default output device for passtrough
    Revert "disable_plugin_cache"
    FIX: [amcs] Rotation
    [AMLOGIC] (void*) type cast compile fix for 64 bit platforms
    [JNI] Fix jni local reference leak for jstring
    ADD: MediaStore static

    FTMC Build 19 -> Build 19

    One more try to fix passthrough in amlogic devices.
    If this doesn't work i give up since it need some big changes that i cant do now without lossing droid 4 support!
    FIX: Move RenderManager FrameMove to GUIWindow
    FIX: [video control] Always render gui
    FIX: mark rendering controls dirty whether bypass or not
    [RKCodec] : Get Hevc Color-Trc parameters for supporting HDR
    [RKCodec]: Add VP9 HW accelarate support, need HW support (3229, 3328, 3399)
    [dvd] off_t -> off64_t

    FTMC Build 18 -> Build 18

    FIX: protect async FileItems vs. item gone
    FIX: passthrough on Amlogic devices (sorry RK guys.. you guys need to stick with FTMC BUILD 17 for now!)
    log failed texture loading and add guards to prevent caching invalid paths
    fixed, unpackedFrame is an array, delete it like one
    fixed, CDVDCodecUtils::AllocatePicture if buffer overflow if width or height is odd
    fixed, nfs/symlinks. thx memphiz
     in case we resolve a symlink - don't accidently
     manipulate the original dirent pointer because the memory belongs to libnfs
     and it will remember the change. Instead use a copy of the dirent instance -
     fixes strange behavior in some symlink scenarios. thx to ronbaby for making
     it reproducable
    backport, DialogSeekbar should use g_application.GetPercentage() for progress info, PR 11125
    FIX: ScriptInvocationManager data race
    FIX: [amcs] Handle 3D -> 2D Mono

    FTMC Build 17 -> Build 17

    Merge pull request #547 from guidosarducci/sync-and-fix
    Refresh rate adjustment and other fixes
    DBG: log stream changes
    FIX: close default streams
    Should Fix RD streams.
    DBG: log lib open/close
    FIX: [network;droid] de-abstract PingHost

    FTMC Build 16 -> Build 16

    FIX: [amc] deny h264/hevc w/o extradata
    FIX: close stream before trying to re-open it
    FIX: [amc] use display width returned by codec
    FIX: [amc] sleep a bit after clearing surface
    Leaves time for the surface to be actually cleared, or it could be locked

    FTMC Build 15 -> Build 15

    Bugfix in HQ scalers, now amcodec should be a lot smoother!
    FTMC Build 14 -> Build 14


    CHG: [amc] hints debugging
    FIX: [droid] trap null CJNIStatFs
    FIX: prevent wakelock log spam
    FIX: delay de-intializing vfs until after scripts are done
    smb access from scripts after smb.Deinit() -> crash
    Simplify display mode handling and make it work correctly for kernels >= 3.14
    Since kernel 3.14 Amlogic changed some of the display mode IDs, e.g.
    before kernel 3.14 1080p 60Hz display mode had an ID of 1080p, but
    in kernel 3.14 it was changed to 1080p60hz. This commit allows
    to handle display modes for all Amlogic kernels in universal way.
    FIX: [droid;dyload] never dyload dependent sytem libs
    ADD: Publish the initialized state of CApplication
    FIX: [droid;egl] be sure we have a window before setting geometry
    aml: Drop frames if requested by VideoPlayer

    FTMC Build 13 -> Build 13


    [hdmi] fix hdmi 3d switch [rk mpi] init rk mpi decoder base version
    [logging] close extra log print
    ADD: [xsp] filter by originaltitle
    Revert "CHG: [droid;amc] only give priority to surface in 4K" Now that the most bothersome limitations of surface are fixed, revert to giving it prority Display milliseconds in log file
    FIX: [droid] use CLOCK_MONOTONIC, as OS
    FIX: [amc] no need to update texture when discarding buffer
    FIX: [amc] initialize m_codec changed, expand zerba check to all platforms
    core: fixed ZebraListAccessCheck, need to compare paths using results from realpath, else they might not match
    GUIFontTTFGL: Fix texture leak in subtitles With mkv file with S_TEXT/UTF8, we leak one texture of 1024x64x32bpp (256K) for every file that is played.
    DVDOverlaySSA: Fix Leak with SSA subtitles This fixes the long standing memory leak: CDVDSubtitlesLibass is reference counted and only releases libass reasources (typically hundreds of MBs) when count gets to zero. But the resource is incorrectly acquired after being created with a reference count of zero, so is never released.

    FTMC Build 12 -> Build 12 enjoy.


    [AndroidDyload]: fix crash when dlopen fail in close function
    [AudioTrack]: Add Android6.0 IEC61937 define upstream sync, fixed: Low readrate error toast could show when performing e.g. small stepping
    core: add http DELETE handling
    [fix] crash on UnShuffle ... davilla says : std::sort requires a sort function that creates a strict-weak ordering fixed, big seek is like a chapter, also do a m_callback.OnPlayBackSeek there too fixed, closed caption for EIA-608/EIA-708. Not sure how this ever worked. Finding a cc stream then calling OpenDefaultStreams(false) will delete/create m_pCCDemuxer so m_pCCDemuxer->GetStream(pkt->iStreamId) fails as there are no CC streams anymore
    FIX: [droid;egl] quirk is not needed and problematic fixed, mem leak. need to release the msg here as nothing else will handle it
    FIX: [rar] deadlock with cbr + net vfs (credit @notspiff) FIX: [jpegio] return original size [WIP] Proper eComics mode ADD: [droid;key] channel up/down

    FTMC Build 11 -> Build 11


    Updates to librtmp - KSV Fixes
    FIX: better Randomize()
    FIX: remove all random_shuffle
    FIXUP: randomize
    FIX: [droid] don't try /proc/self/exe (selinux)
    [VP6] send VP6 to soft decoder
    [Thumb] when video is playing do not extract thumb
    [Audio] after decode audio frame sleep 1ms
    [Thread] set thread name for some threads
    FIX: [droid] enable system screensaver everywhere
    DVDVideoCodecAmlogic: Do not H/W decode 10-bit HEVC if hardware doesn't support it
    DVDVideoCodecAmlogic: Add more unsupported H264 formats to HW decoding blacklist 10bit video do not extract video thumb, because of need use more memory for ffmpeg decoder, make cause out of memory
    [video/rm] fix some video rm file could not play

    FTMC Build 10 -> Build 10


    DVDVideoCodecAmlogic: Do not H/W decode Hi10P h264
    [GUIFont] - the BufferHandle is a GLUInt for gl and gles and a void * for dx
    [GUIFont] - fixed warning about BufferHandle initialisation
    [GUIFont] - make BufferHandle explicit GLuint, use initializer consistently
    FIX: DT_SONAME warning
    [FIX] Ignore MEDIA_BUTTON intent received while not playing
    disable plugin caching
    FIX: [droid] never try to do a lib copy
    FIX: [droid] was missing since... ever
    FIX: [droid] more DT_SONAME
    [FIX]: fixed crash, GetStereoModeFlags. In odd cases, mode can be empty disable screensaver if slideshow is playing, tvos/android

    FTMC Build 9


    Revert "Add a demuxer that manages demuxing of multiple streams/files at once.
    FIXUP: only trigger resync if audio is really starved
    ADD: [addon;repo] add "xbmc.addon.datasource" extension to specifiy source per addon This allows to source the addons from their respective github repo
    FIX: [droid] trap case when an event device id is not found Shouldn't happen, but it does, apparently...
    FIX: ensure real filename from videodb in playlists
    FIX: protect our GUID
    CHG: [amc] Surface priority only if vid size > gui size
    FIX: redact user/passwd from advancedlogging debug log
    Make CEGLNativeTypeAmlogic compatible with Amlogic S905 SoC running kernel 3.14.

    Build 9 Confluence

    Build 9 AeonNox

    FTMC Build 8 -> More code ported from spmc, thks koying for the code!

    Build 8


    FIXUP: GLES HQ scalers warning
    CHG: add streaminfo string to all streams
    CHG: [bitstreamstats] allow to force a calculation (if < 2 sec)
    VideoPlayer: refactor enable/disable demux streams
    Add a demuxer that manages demuxing of multiple streams/files at once.
    removed boost for good
    CHG: get rid of boost multi_index
    CHG: get rid of boost circular_buffer
    FIX: no stoi remove boost::lexical_cast steal sha1 from boost, another boost-izum dies
    FIX: Only give error loading addon settings if there actually are some to load
    Build 7

    Build 6
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    Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.

    Hello scooter2014, Interest piqued. Is it a hardware or software solution.....or both?




        For Both Wait for the update and ill post more soon as ready. Its Involved, I am totally blown away by the level of involvement from FreakTab Devs on this. That they would even take this on is a huge thing. For all of us its a very very good thing.
        Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


          As if they don't do enough for us already. I feel a tad greedy from the anticipation alone.


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              sounds good !!


                (and a message with 2+ chars)
                kind regards
                cyber7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers; Cape Town; South Africa)


                  Eagerly waiting for this . Can you reveal whether FTMC would require specific ROM or would work on any ROM?
                  Tronsmart Orion R68 Meta
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                    Originally posted by ghanashyaml View Post
                    Eagerly waiting for this . Can you reveal whether FTMC would require specific ROM or would work on any ROM?
                    It would require up to date firmware otherwise lots of extra features won't work like pass-through, 3D, auto frame-rate switcing for instance.
                    But if you just watch 720p video and use stereo sound, it should work on almost all devices with no problems or changes needed.


                      Hi Moe

                      Hopefully with some proper cooperation Manufactures can also get involved in this too. Lets see how it Evolves for everyone. Your input is always welcomed
                      Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


                        One quick question, it will be some type of fork of xbmc?

                        Enviado desde mi SM-G900M mediante Tapatalk


                          Originally posted by mo123 View Post
                          It would require up to date firmware otherwise lots of extra features won't work like pass-through, 3D, auto frame-rate switcing for instance.
                          Good to see your reply! Which firmware, to be specific? Would be it manufacture firmware or freaktab build firmware?

                          Tronsmart Orion R68 Meta
                          CS968 -> HTC_T018 v4 20131216 with MTK
                          GM282 (aka CX 919 II aka J22) - dead


                            Originally posted by ghanashyaml View Post
                            Good to see your reply! Which firmware, to be specific? Would be it manufacture firmware or freaktab build firmware?
                            I think it should be different manufacturer firmware.
                            But RK3288 firmware is very versatile, so 1 firmware can work on different devices but with some limitations like led lights, IR remote, wifi not working.
                            For RK3368 devices the same.
                            For AMlogic is is a little more difficult since flashing wrong firmware can make devices not boot.
                            Eg. my HPH NT-V6 v1.5 firmware is fully compatible with RK Kodi 16 & RKMC but is still in testing.