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TANIX TX6S Allwinner H616 Android 10.0 TV Box 2GB/16GB 2.4G+5.8G WiFi LAN Bluetooth

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    New FW from 09 July available


      Originally posted by Turkmenator View Post
      New FW from 09 July available
      Thank you,

      Any Improvements Noted?

      Did update come with Changelog?


        Tried to make the ota update, but package verify failed...


          Turkmenator is there a way to view the channelog for this update?


            Sorry guys,i just upload the firmware from china sellers to google drive,and share it to all users.
            It's not OTA update.You need to flash it with usb cable by Phoenix suite with format


              I received the TX6S I bought today.
              I will configure and I have the following question:
              After making the settings and installing the apps, I have the habit of making an image of the installation for future recovery.
              On my Amlogic S905W and Amlogic S912, I use TWRP (S905_TWRP3_ViT.zip).
              Can I use the TX6S (Allwinner H616)?
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                I have a TX3 Mini. I uninstalled Alice UX and added another launcher.
                Please: Is it possible to do this on TX6s?
                I tried, the same procedure I did on the TX3 Mini, but I was unsuccessful.
                I installed other launchers, but Alice UX always resumes.

                While I can't find a solution, I'm using ALICE UX.
                In HOME, there is an icon with the name ALICE UX, which is actually KODI.
                Can't change the ALICE UX icon to the KODI icon?
                ALICE UX offers little option for customizing screens, wallpapers, icons and etc ...
                Is there a tutorial that teaches you how to customize ALICE UX?
                Grateful for the attention.
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                  Hi. How I do screenshot. I tried apps without success! Tks.


                    Originally posted by masher17 View Post
                    Turkmenator is there a way to view the channelog for this update?
                    Only thing that stands out for being modified in this newest firmware is that they somewhat fixed the GPU, OpenGL ES 3.2 is working correctly now, but still they forgot to activate Vulkan driver; device still too easily runs hot at 85*C when under heavy usage, idle/low-usage is 65-75. Maybe they fixed some other bugs, but nothing that was obvious after install firmware and install some apps.


                      RiCkLaR_atvX ..thanks for that info


                        Good night.


                        PRIME VIDEO
                        What version of Amazon PRIME VIDEO do you use on TX6s?
                        In my case, the version available on the Google Play Store, makes it possible to change the subtitles, but changing the AUDIO seems to have a bug. I click to change AUDIO and the options do not appear.

                        AFTER TESTS: Prime Vídeo continues with the same problem: I can't use the option to change the audio of the movie.


                        I am also having problems with Skype.
                        Although the TX6s is connected by cable and browsing normally on the Internet, when I use Skype, a message appears: to check the Internet connection. I can't login.

                        AFTER TESTS: Skype only connects if the cable is disconnected and the wifi is on.


                        ALICE UX
                        How to disable notifications that appear on the left side of the screen. Swipes from left to right and then returns.

                        AFTER TESTS: I turned off notifications on ALICE UX and it improved a little ... I probably have to disable other notifications.
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                          i have
                          Bqeel B1 MAX H616 4GB RAM 64GB ROM
                          Pendoo X11 PRO H616 4GB RAM 32GB ROM

                          i have updated the B1 MAX with an TX6s firmware so my drivers / process works ok

                          superceleron ill buy you a beer

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                            Do you use Amazon Prime Video in your Box that you put the TX6s firmware on? If so, which version? Thank you.


                              Good Morning
                              I need a remote control indication with voice input to use on the TX6s:
                              Is anyone using a remote control with voice input on the TX6s with 100% success?
                              If so, what model and link (if possible)?
                              Tks a lot.

                              I have an CR MX3 with voice input that I am using.
                              But every time I turn off, restart or wake up the TX6s, the voice input stops working.
                              To get back to work, I have to remove and connect the CR MX3's USB receiver.
                              After reconnecting the USB receiver, the message is displayed: "USB AV on the device plug in" and all functions of the CR MX3 are working again.
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                                not a big fan of the Android TV interface..

                                Are there any "normal" or "NON" ATV Roms for these H616 boxes ?

                                superceleron are you working on one ?
                                I'm using your SCV rom on my H96 pro+ its been great.