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(ROM) AndroidTV_Project S912 V2 By Team Poison

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      Originally posted by soldiaz View Post
      Did you try same as attached?? [ATTACH]n775395[/ATTACH]
      OK I got it working.. It might have been a combination of a couple things.?*

      1. I downgraded Magic to the 18.1
      2. I flashed the TWRP 3.2.xx from the Poison Rom link here.
      3. Re flashed the X92 Clock fix .zip and .. wallah! Working

      How can I use the TWRP 3.2 on a USB stick when pressing the reset button and booting from USB? Do I simply copy the recovery.img over to it??* I was using a zip file that I would run from the stock android boot loader to get into TWRP before, but that was an older 3.0.xx version.
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        Originally posted by Cupo View Post
        Try Keyboard for Android TV app in Play Store,?* it works wonderful for me with the same remote.
        Keyboard works perfect, thank you!?* How come when I post there are weird "A" symbols on my output here lol


          Love the ROM Thank you for the hard work!

          **I had a question, but then figured out.. LEANBACK SHORTCUTS!!! LOL NIIICEE!!!!"
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            Me again

            Ok Rom is just amazing! Love the ATV experience! I use that Super You Tube app, as the retail one keeps locking up after several minutes of use.

            My question this time is how can I change the clock to 12hour time format also the temp to Fahrenheit?



              Can I use this rom with m8s pro L ?